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Hero abilities (default keybinds 1-4) only cost Blue Mana that can be dropped by enemys or generated automatically over time.

Unlock Levels

Each Hero Specific Ability is Unlocked at certain levels:

  1. Level 1
  2. Level 4
  3. Level 9

Shared Ability

Every Hero shares a specific ability, available at first level, and taking the fourth ability slot:

Heal SelfAdvanced Edit : The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.Quick Edit

Stat Build Attributes

The following Attributes apply to Abilities:

  • Ability Power: Increases damage done with any ability.
  • Health: N/A.
  • Speed: N/A.

Ability Power

Also known as "Ability Damage", this stat greatly magnifies the damage result of any Ability used by the Hero, including from healing (Negative Damage). While this damage has a minor increase from the Hero's Weapon (Damage), it is not affected by any Elemental Bonus Damage.


Since there is nothing to target when using abilities, there is no health stat for them.


There is no way to modify the actual attack speed of an ability. However, some Passives affect Ability Cooldown.



Cooldown refers to the amount of time you must wait to use an ability again.

Mana Cost

Mana Cost refers to the amount of mana consumed by an ability on use. Some Passives reduce mana consumed.