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| [[File:Mana_Cap_Increase.png|thumb|]] || Mana Cap Increase: Increases the Abyss Lord's maximum mana by +100
| [[File:Mana_Cap_Increase.png|thumb|]] || Mana Cap Increase: Increases the Abyss Lord's maximum mana by +100
|-|Item Passives=
{{Datafield|Passives/Abyss Lord|swap}}
{{Datafield|Passives/Abyss Lord|swap}}

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Abyss Lord
Abyss Lord
Primary Attack: Mana Siphon
Secondary Attack: Single Attack but can be held down to spawn a spinning Knight
Usable Weapons: Tomes
Lore: Ruthlessly betrayed and murdered by the Harbinger, the Abyss Lord rises from the depths of the underworld. Vowing to destroy all who may invade Etheria, he summons the skeletal remains of the Old One's army and the ethereal spirits of fallen Knights to do his bidding. An active defender, he dominates the battlefield, responding to threats and ordering his defenses to obliterate enemies.


The Abyss Lord is a ranged hero that summons minions to defend. He is similar to the summoner from DD1, but with many notable differences: -The Abyss Lord has an auto-attack, while the original summoner does not. -The Abyss Lord's minions are generally stationary. They cannot move by any commands unlike the summoner's crystalline minions. One exception is the Colossus, who can be placed in different areas after being initially set on the battlefield. -He has more active abilities compared to the summoner's flash heal, but does not have overlord mode.


AbyssLord stone.png Abyss Stone: Summon a stone from the abyss that pulses and damages enemies in an area of effect for a short time.
AbyssLord knight.png Knight of the Abyss: Call forth a fallen knight from the spirit world to whirlwind in place, stunning, knocking back, and slicing through enemies.
AbyssLord command.png Direct Command: The Abyss Lord commands his defenses to fight with accelerated power, speed, and devastation.
AbyssLord fountain.png Abyss Fountain: A healing fountain of energy from the spirit world soothing the wounds of all nearby.

AbyssLord orc.png Orc Blockade: Called from the Abyss to act as a wall, he smashes those that come before him.
AbyssLord Ramster.png Skeletal Ramster: Once cute and cuddly, this monstrosity now spits Abyssal Flames at all enemies in sight.
out dated information with damage numbers see link

AbyssLord BoneArchers.png Bone Archers: Tied together for eternity, these archers have both angles covered.
AbyssLord Colossus.png The Colossus: The ultimate in movable defense and obliteration, this Demonic undead warrior crushes enemies while also acting as a powerful blockade.

Chilling Strikes Sphere 1: 10% chance on hit to chill target for 2 seconds, slowing them by 35%.
Oiling Strikes Sphere 1: 10% chance on hit to oil target for 2 seconds, slowing them by 35%.
Panic Fire Sphere 1: 15% chance when defenses damaged to increase Defense Speed by 100% for 5 seconds.
Press Your Luck Sphere 1: 30% chance when defenses damaged to increase Defense Crit Chance by 30% for 5 seconds.
Mana Leech: Dark Syphon now drains +100% extra mana
Abyss Fountain of Speed: Abyss Fountain increases ally movement speed substantially for 5 seconds.
Abyss Fountain of Withering: Abyss Fountain withers enemies inside it reducing the damage they deal by 20%
Rain of Oil: Archer's Direct Command now oils enemies slowing them down by 50% for 5 seconds.
Berserk Master: The duration of the Skeletal Orc's Direct Command is increased by 5 seconds.
Stay at Bay: Attack range of the Abyss Ramster and Skeletal Archer is increased by 20% but their health is reduced by 20%
Fortitude: Skeletal Orc and Colossus have their Defense Health increased by 15% but their Defense Power Reduced by 10%
Fatal Guard: Upon taking Fatal Damage, your Skeletal Orc becomes imbued with a shield that blocks damage equal to 3500% of your Defense Health stat. Lasts 30 seconds or until destroyed. This can only occur once every 60 seconds.
Steam Powered: Ramster's primary attack has a 30% chance to become imbued with water causing pressurized steam to surge outward dealing an extra 200% of your Defense Power as damage and drenching enemies for 5 seconds.
Fan of Knights: Fully changed secondary attack unleashes two additional knights that deal 500% of your ability power stat as damage.
Flaming Knight: Skeletal Knight ability is now imbued with fire causing enemies affected by it to burn for 1000% of your Ability Power stat over 5 seconds.
Power Overwhelming: Ability Power increased by 20% but mana cost of abilities is also increased by 30
Power Gambit: Your primary attack deals an extra 100% of your Ability Power stat as damage but you take an additional 25% damage from attacks.
Colossal Fissure: Colossus's Direct Command rips the earth unleashing a fissure that lingers and deals 1000% of your Ability Power stat as damage over 6 seconds but increases the mana cost of Direct Command by 30. Can only happen once every 60 seconds.
Dark Syphon Angle Increase: Dark Syphon angle increased to 120
Mana Cap Increase: Increases the Abyss Lord's maximum mana by +100

Advanced Edit List of Abyss Lord-specific Item Passives:

Name Effect Item
Tome Helmet Chest Boots Gloves Relic
DIRECT REFUND Enemies killed by defenses under direct command award you with X mana. CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png TickGreen.png
LONG DIRECT COMMAND Increases the duration of Direct Command on your Skeletal Orcs, Ramster, and Skeletal Archers by X seconds. TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png CrossWhite.png
Ramster Burn The Abyss Lord's Ramster ignites enemies dealing X Fire Damage over X Seconds. CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png TickGreen.png