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Apprentice render.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Weapon Staves
Damage Type Magical
Base Stats (lvl 1)
Defense Power 250
Defense Health 100
Defense Speed 250
Hero Damage 251.6
Hero Health 600
Ability Power 100
Hero Crit Damage 70
Defense Crit Damage 70
Base Stats (lvl 50)
Defense Power 642
Defense Health 349
Defense Speed 250
Hero Damage 349.6
Hero Health 2,805
Ability Power 198
Hero Crit Damage 241.5
Defense Crit Damage 241.5

The Apprentice is a ranged hero that excels in multi-target attacks. Primary Attacks deal Magical Damage and Mark enemies while Abilities consume marks. Secondary Attacks can be charged and pierces through multiple enemies.


Defense Description
100px Flameburst Tower: Shoots a flaming projectile at an enemy. When the projectile strikes an enemy, it bursts, dealing Magical Fire Damage in a small area.
100px Spike Blockade: Blocks enemies. After losing 25% of its max health, self-destructs, dealing Magical Damage. Regenerates after a delay, knocking enemies backwards. Draws extra attention from enemies.
100px Frostbite Tower: Shoots a beam of frost at an enemy, Slowing that enemy and all nearby enemies. Draws reduced attention from enemies.
100px Earthshatter Tower: Sends forth a long-range homing projectile at a ground enemy. When the projectile strikes an enemy, it erupts dealing Magical Earth Damage in a small area.


Defense Description
100px Arcane Volley: The Apprentice fires up to five homing bolts at his Marked enemies, dealing Magical Damage to each.
100px Tornado: The Apprentice hurls a tornado in a line, suspending enemies in the air and dealing Magical Storm Damage over time. Deals extra damage to Marked enemies.
100px Mana Bomb: The Apprentice charges his staff and unleashes a massive explosion dealing Magical Damage. While charging, the Apprentice takes reduced damage. Deals extra damage to Marked enemies.
100px Heal Self: The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.