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Various tasks needed to be created or worked on. Typically the two priorities will point to tasks needing information that players look up the most.

High Priority

  • Titles - Add in all the missing titles.
  • Hero Deck - Explained and pictures added. TE can provide HQ versions of images when needed.
  • User Interface - Needs a small guide with pictures explaining the basics of the user interface. Health, mana, towers, inventory.
  • Controls - Needs a small guide with pictures on the various controls for both PC and PS4 showing what keys to do things like upgrade defenses, build, attacking.

Low Priority

  • Feats - Icons and better lay out.
  • Costumes - Links to specific hero page relating to costumes. Also showcasing any currently on sale costumes so players can be aware of sales.
  • Special Enemies - Explaining how/where they can appear and links to each individual special enemy.

Special page links to see what content maybe needed/changed.

Future/Unsorted Tasks

  • Heroes - Update so all heroes are listed here in "blocks" and move stats to another page.
  • Update Maps section with new minimaps. - Likely going to link to DD2 Planner in some way with this.
  • Fill out the Help Namespace section.
  • Update News page layouts, including updating Version pages.
  • Create a template structure for indicating pages with content which do not exist officially due to either being removed, or not yet applied. Also need one for pages with content which is now inconsistent with another page, as well as pages that are just generally out of date.
  • Fill in any missing information in our Article stubs.
  • Fix the Mechanics page.
  • Properly structure the Pet page, instead of using a generic list structure. Pets are also missing Categories.
  • Fill in values for tower scalings across multiple tiers.
  • Create content for the Disambiguation Template to properly handle Disambiguation Content
  • For pages that used to be categories, add themselves to their old category. For example, add the article "Heroes" to "Category:Heroes".
  • Change pages with links to categories to instead point to the basic article. For example, any links to "Category:Heroes" should instead go to "Heroes".
  • Apply the template "Categorize" to every category which has a base article. To add extra information to the area created, include it as a variable.