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Primary Attack: A Melee Physical Slash Attack dealing damage. Also summons a small phoenix, which deals Magical Damage.
Secondary Attack: Blocks with her shield, reducing incoming damage.
Usable Weapons: Swords, Axes, Shields
Lore: The Countess hails from a long line of Embermount Flame Wardens that specialize in the art of fighting with fire, binding any source of flame to do their bidding. Summoning phoenixes with the swing of her blade or using her craft as a master dragon tamer, the Countess can burn down any battlefield within an instant.


Countess Flame Surge.png Flame Surge: Slam your shield into the ground, summoning ethereal dragons that travel forward in a line and burn everything in their path.
Countess Call To Arms.png Call To Arms: Rally yourself and nearby allies, increasing movement speed and damage dealt. Nearby towers also deal increased damage!
Countess Valiant Charge.png Valiant Charge: Charge forward, becoming immune to damage and heavily damaging all enemies in your path.
Countess Holy Fire.png Holy Fire: Creates a flame barrier that reduces damage taken and heals over time.

Countess Flak Cannon.png Flak Cannon: Fires debris in a short, wide cone with concussive force that knocks smaller enemies away.
Countess Oil Catapult.png Oil Catapult: Launches arcing flasks that damage and oil enemies in an area.
Countess Dragon Nest.png Dragon's Nest: Hatches several baby dragons that seek out and attack nearby enemies with fireballs.
Countess Elder Dragon.png Elder Dragon: Summons a powerful dragon that burns all enemies in a huge area, dealing high burst damage followed by sustained damage over time. Only one can be summoned per hero deck.