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Community Wiki News

The wiki is still growing, and needs help from individuals who could provide content to the many pages here. You don't need to notify anyone about your willingness to help, feel free to simply begin editing pages.

The wiki has it's own small Forum now, for those who want to discuss changes for the wiki, or for anyone who needs help with learning how to use it.

Trendy Site News

Trendy's Website has recently released their new system for Influence Points. Logging into the game and the website gives 1 point each, daily, and influence can be spent to vote on polls as they occur. For more information, check out their forum topic regarding this new feature.

Dungeon Defenders II News

Dungeon Defenders II is finally running version 2.0 (also known as Foundation: Part 1). This is the biggest update since Early Access begun, and features both extended content as well as a revision to the original content progression.