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Main heroes available for march 2017
Main heroes available for March 2017
* [[Squire]]
* [[Squire]]
* [[Apprentice]]
* [[Apprentice]]

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In the Dungeon Defenders series, the characters with which you play are called heroes, they have several skill where you can divide them into Abilities (Action part) where they're linked to the hero's combat and Defenses, which you place on the ground (the Tower Defense part)


Main heroes available for March 2017

Stat Build Attributes

The following Attributes apply to Heroes:

  • Hero Damage: Increases damage done with any attack.
  • Hero Health: Increases max Health.
  • Hero Crit: The critical damage caused by hero's.
  • Hero Crit Chance: The chance a hero has to critically hit up to 40%.
  • Ability Power: Increases the damage/effects done by the hero's Abilities.
  • Resistance: Split into magical and physical absorbs a percentage of damage taken.

Hero Damage

Also known as "Hero Damage", the Hero Power stat affects the resulting damage from all attacks, mostly Primary Attacks and Secondary Attacks, but also having a minor effect on certain Abilities. Hero Power is mostly governed by the current Weapon, and weapons with an additional Elemental Bonus will amplify the effect of this stat (for Basic Attacks only, displayed as a purple number).

Hero Health

Also known as "HP", or "Life", this stat directly increases the maximum health bar limit of the active hero. The rate which this affects the recovery rate of Heal Self and Regeneration effects of Passives & Serenity Aura remains uncertain.

Hero Crit

This stat increases the damage done when a hero scores a critical hit. either via random chance or hitting a weak spot on an enemy. This applies to both primary and secondary attacks.

Hero Crit Chance

Also known as "crit rating" this stat effects the chance that a critical hit will be inflicted. This stat can only be modified by Skill Spheres or passive abilities on items. This stat is normally represented with percent.

Ability Power

Ability power increases the power of hero Abilities cause them to deal more damage. It also increases the effectiveness of healing abilities.


Resistance is split into two stats Magical and Physical resistance which reduce the amount of damage a hero takes when attacked.

Magical: This Resistance reduces the damage taken from magical attacks including some effects such as poison.

Physical: This Resistance reduces the damage taken from physical attacks.


Hero Attack Speed

The Speed the Hero Attacks. There is no Stat for increasing the Hero's Attack Rate. All attacks from specific Weapons are determined by the attacks per second of the hero's weapon.

Movement Speed

How fast your Hero can move about the world. This stat is can only be modified by Shards on Boots, Ascension Points, or abilities on pets(Sandstorm).