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Primary Attack: A Ranged Physical Projectile Attack as Hero Damage.
Secondary Attack: A charged ranged physical projectile attack that applies knockback.
Usable Weapons: Bows
Lore: The Huntress is an experienced wildlife hunter and trapper, having ventured deep into the wilder depths of Etheria. Across her travels, she perfected deadly traps and snares, testing them against terrible beasts and enemies alike. Keeping foes at a distance, the Huntress answers the call to battle with a volley of deadly arrows. She never misses her mark.


Huntress concussive shots.png Concussive Shots: The Huntress fires a volley of arrows that explode on contact, dealing Physical Damage and Stunning enemies.
Huntress Oil Flask.png Oil Flask: The Huntress lobs a flask that shatters, dealing Magical Damage and Oiling enemies. Oiled enemies are Slowed and can be set Aflame by Magical Fire Damage.
Huntress piercing shot.png Piercing Shot: The Huntress unleashes a blazing Phoenix, burning everything in a piercing line for Magical Fire Damage.
Heal.png Heal Self: The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.

Huntress explosive trap.png Explosive Trap: When triggered, explodes dealing Physical Damage in an area around it.
Huntress geyser trap.png Geyser Trap: Launches enemies into the air, dealing Magical Water Damage and Drenching them. Once drenched, they can be Electrocuted by Magical Storm Damage.
Huntress poison tower.png Poison Dart Tower: Fires multiple projectiles at enemies. Each projectile inflicts Poison, dealing Magical Earth Damage over time. Draws reduced attention from enemies.
Huntress blaze balloon.png Blaze Balloon: When triggered, the balloon bursts and scorches the ground. Enemies walking on the scorched ground take Magical Fire Damage.

Advanced EditList of Huntress-specific Item Passives:

Name Effect Item
Weapon Helmet Chest Boots Gloves Relic
OIL AREA Oil Flask leaves an Oil Area for X seconds. TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png CrossWhite.png
PIERCING FIRE Piercing Shot will ignite enemies dealing X Fire damage over 5 seconds. TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png TickGreen.png CrossWhite.png
Explosive Trap Increases Defense Power of the Huntress's Explosive Trap by X every detonation (up to 100 times.) CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png TickGreen.png

Special Passives that can only roll on specific weapons:

Name Weapon Localisation Effect
Call of the Phoenix Phantom Phoenix Wyvern Enthusiasts Incursion Increases Blaze Balloon Defense Crit Chance by 4%-8%% and increases Critical Damage by 4%-6% of your Defense Power.
From the ashes - 3.5 seconds after Blaze Balloon detonates a phoenix emerges from the flames dealing an extra X%-450% of your Defense Power as damage.
Viper's Bite Toxic Shock Chrome Enemies Incursion Poison Dart Tower deals 5~20% more damage. When a poisoned enemy dies, it detonates dealing 50-80% of your Defense Power stat as damage to enemies in a 700-1500 radius.
Midas Touch Bling-O-Midas Kobold Bling King Incursion On Hit, enemies move at a ~41% reduced rate and burn for ~104% Hero Damage a second for 4~8s.

Golden Shower Charged Secondary attack fires a molten stream 60~90 degrees wide burning for ~49% Hero Damage twice per second.

Pumpkinator Bow-Blaster Random map Targets hit with basic attacks are pumpkined. Defeating a pumpkined enemy causes a physical explosion dealing 40~60% Hero Damage. Hitting a pumpkined enemy with a melee attack increase Hero Critical Chance by 5% for 5s.
Lady Orc Slayer Mauled Cleaver Weapon reward after 15 round in Onslaught Defeating a Lady Orc grants a charge. Fully-charged Secondary Attacks consume a charge, unleashing a cleaver dealing 300% of your Hero Damage Stat as physical Damage.
Shard Shot Harbinger's Fist Ramparts Siege Defense Concussive Shots fires a piercing shard dealing X% Ability Power as damage, then explodes dealing X% Ability Power unresisted damage.
Shard Spike Harbinger's Fist Siphon Site D Defense 50%? chance for Geyser Trap to fire an exploding shard dealing 600%? Defense Power as damage in an area.
MIRV Aerial Bane The Wyvern Den Defense On hit, flying enemies now have a 30~63% chance to spawn grenades in a 500~1200 radius that deal 100~150% of your Hero Damage stat as damage.
Breaker Armored Cleanser Malthius Incursion Reduces target's resistances by 5~20 on hit.