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== Abilities ==
== Abilities ==
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! Ability !! Description
! Ability !! Description

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Huntress render.png
Race Elf
Gender Female
Weapon Bows
Damage Type Physical
Base Stats (lvl 1)
Defense Power 250
Defense Health 100
Defense Speed 250
Hero Damage 482
Hero Health 500
Ability Power 100
Hero Crit Damage 70
Defense Crit Damage 70
Base Stats (lvl 50)
Defense Power 642
Defense Health 418
Defense Speed 250
Hero Damage 599.6
Hero Health 2337.5
Ability Power 149
Hero Crit Damage 241.5
Defense Crit Damage 241.5

The Huntress is a ranged hero that deals high damage to single targets. Primary Attacks deal Physical Damage, while Secondary Attacks can be charged to deal extra physical damage plus Knockback to a single target.


Defense Description
100px Explosive Trap: When triggered, explodes dealing Physical Damage in an area around it.
100px Geyser Trap: Launches enemies into the air, dealing Magical Water Damage and Drenching them. Once drenched, they can be Electrocuted by Magical Storm Damage.
100px Poison Dart Tower: Fires multiple projectiles at enemies. Each projectile inflicts Poison, dealing Magical Earth Damage over time. Draws reduced attention from enemies.
100px Blaze Balloon: When triggered, the balloon bursts and scorches the ground. Enemies walking on the scorched ground take Magical Fire Damage.


Ability Description
100px Concussive Shots: The Huntress fires a volley of arrows that explode on contact, dealing Physical Damage and Stunning enemies.
100px Oil Flask: The Huntress lobs a flask that shatters, dealing Magical Damage and Oiling enemies. Oiled enemies are Slowed and can be set Aflame by Magical Fire Damage.
100px Piercing Shot: The Huntress unleashes a blazing Phoenix, burning everything in a piercing line for Magical Fire Damage.
100px Heal Self: The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.