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Primary Attack: ?
Secondary Attack: ?
Usable Weapons: Polearms
Lore: With the Invasion of Dragonfall, the Initiate felt compelled to return from her self-imposed exile deep within the Etherian mountains. Her unique style of Chi manipulation makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is eager to join the heroes and thwart the ever present evils of the Old One's army!


Crippling Chi wave
Initiate chistomp.png Chi Stomp: The Initiate channels hero Chi into her weapon, dealing crushing physical damage to nearby enemies and knocking them into the air.
Initiate talismanofempowerment.png Talisman of Empowerment: The Initiate summons a chi-infused talisman that boosts the Power and Critical Damage of nearby Defenses.

Monk flame aura.png Flame Aura: Summons forth waves of fire to scorch enemies within.
Monk boost aura.png Boost Aura: Boosts the Defense Power and Defense Critical Damage of defenses inside its area by a percentage of its own Defense Power and Defense Critical Damage.
Monk sky guard.png Sky Guard Tower: Fires a projectile at each nearby airborne enemy, dealing magical damage. Any enemy struck is slowed for 5 seconds.
LightningStrikesAura.jpg Lightning Strikes Aura: Deals powerful storm damage to a single enemy within its radius.