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Equipment Types

Default stats are determined by item type, e.g. Weapons will always have Damage. These are different than primary or other stats.


Weapons are hero-specific gear.

Primary Stat: Hero Power (Damage)


Armor has four different types, each having their own equipment slot.

Primary Stat: Hero Physical/Magical Resist


Relics come in two different forms. Each Relic has its own Primary Stat. The four relics and their primary stat are:

Totems (Defense Health) - Increased HP of your tower/aura

Medallions (Defense Power) - Increased base damage of your tower/aura

Both gain additional stats and slots based on drop rarity. They come with 2 additional tower stats and 0 to 3 shard sockets.

Each Relic slot in the hero equipment page corresponds to the tower/aura on the hero hotkey bar. As an example for the Squire:

1st relic slot affects the Barricade.
2nd relic slot affects the Cannonball Tower.
3rd relic slot affects the Ballista.
4th relic slot affects the Training Dummy.

Relic Stat Weights

Need math done
Conventional wisdom dictates:
Defense Health for walls (path blockers like barricade).
Defense Critical Damage for damage towers/auras.
Defense Power for damage towers/auras as secondary stat.
Defense Speed is worst stat.

Defense Critical Hit Chance is said to be capped around 33% chance so it's not needed much after you cap it with your ascension level points.


Each item has a few numbers which demonstrate what level it is at. These values, along with prefix quality, determines the value of its stats and its sell value.

Item Power

The raw potential result of the specific item (iPWR)s.

Required Level

Determines the effective Level of the item. When used in rooms with a max level lower than the required level, the item is down leveled to that room, reducing its stats.

Upgrade Level

The amount of times an item can be upgraded at the Upgrade Station. Each time an item is leveled up, the player is given a point to add to one of the items stats


An Item's Prefix defines its stats, gg based on its type and quality, split into two key words.


An Item's Passive offers one or two special stats, mentioned at the end of the item.

Unique Items

Certain unique items exist for each of the four starter classes. They are 100% guaranteed from the Victory Chest unless otherwise stated. The drop locations are as follows:

  • Siphon Site D: Huntress Harbinger Bow (Defense)
  • Dragonfall Sewers: Monk Harbinger Polearm (Defense)
  • Forgotten Ruins: Squire Harbinger Sword (Hero)
  • The Ramparts: Monk Harbinger Polearm (Hero)
  • Ramparts Siege: Huntress Harbinger Bow (Hero)
  • Liferoot Forest: Apprentice Harbinger Staff (Hero)
  • The Wyvern Den : All Betsy Weapons (100% for one weapon when Betsy is slain)
  • The Dead Road: Squire Harbinger Sword (Defense)
  • Temple of the Necrotic: Apprentice Harbinger Staff (Defense)

(Spooky Weapons also drop here. You must perform the Spooky Secret to summon the Skeletal versions of the 4 Heroes and then slay them. The weapons are not guaranteed to drop and can only be obtained from the Skeletal Heroes themselves and not the Victory Chest)

  • Harbinger’s Warship: Squire Harbinger Shield
  • Nimbus Reach: Storm Boots
  • Greystone Plaza: Storm Chest
  • Assault on Throne Room: Storm Gloves
  • Buried Bastille: Storm Helm
  • Wyvern Enthusiasts Incursion: Huntress Phantom Phoenix Bow
  • Griblok’s Horde Incursion: Squire Impaling Cutter Sword
  • Chrome Enemies Incursion: Huntress Toxic Shock Bow
  • Forest Poachers Incursion: Apprentice Chilling Touch Staff
  • Unholy Catacombs Incursion: Squire Sword of Unholy Fire
  • Kobold Bling King Incursion: Huntress Bling O’ Midas Bow
  • Bastille Master Incursion: Apprentice Ghastly Halberd Staff
  • Power Surge Incursion: Monk Glaive of the Storms Polearm
  • Malthius Incursion: Monk Infernal Combustor Polearm

(Chance to get either Apprentice Armageddon Staff, Squire Scarlet Enforcer Sword or Huntress Armored Cleanser Bow from Malthius in addition to the Victory Chest drop)

  • Maldonis Incursion: Wailing Glaive, Raven Staff, Pumpkinator, Howling Reaver (100% for one weapon directly from Maldonis when slain)

(Maldonis is the only way to get the 710-750 ipwr Spooky Weapons in Nm4. You can also obtain the Spooky Weapons from slaying the Skeletal Heroes that spawn.

  • Dawn of the Bloodmoon Incursion: All Spooky Weaponry

(Skeletal versions of the 4 heroes will occasionally spawn and slaying them has a chance to drop the Spooky Weaponry. You can also obtain Soul of Night here from the Victory Chest to buy the Terraria weapons.

(This map drops Soul of Night which can also be used to purchase Terraria Weaponry.

  • The Demon’s Lair Incursion: Abyss Lord Molten Tome