Kobolds (Flying)

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This page is about the Non-Chaos variant. For the Chaos EMP variant, see Kobolts

Kobolds (Flying)
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The Kobold Flier is a support flying enemy. Similar to the regular Kobolds, these Kobolds Fliers will dive-bomb into their targets when they reach about 25% health left. They will explode when they hit something solid whether it was the target they were after or anything that got inbetween them and their target.


Placing Anti-Air types of defenses or any defense that has a blue targeting line that shows in the air can target and damage these enemies. Examples of defenses that can hit them are Monk's Skyguard Tower being an Anti-Air defense or things like Squire's Cannons or Huntress' Poison Dart Towers having a line that extends into the air. Some defenses like the Monk's Flame Aura can also hit them since they have a Sphere Area of Effect.

You will want to take them down fast, at least at the bottom end of their health so they don't have time to dive your defenses or Cores.

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