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Malthius can spawn anywhere similar to other Special Enemies. He is his own unique boss in Malthius Incursion. Malthius follows the same combat patterns as the common Dark Mage except with stronger effects. The most prominent problem he brings is reviving skeletal orcs and skeletal goblins even while in another lane. He is very slow and possesses incredibly long range so you will have to bring the fight to him if you want him gone quickly. In the Malthius Incursion he does not join the battle until Wave 5. Prior to Wave 5 he will occasionally summon Skeletons below him where the two middle lanes intersect. He summons the Healing Pads in the same locations and adds them each wave in the same pattern. The healing pads are removed the moment he joins the battle. Malthius Incursion is the only Special Enemy who drops Unique Legendary Weapons directly when slain.