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Dungeon Defenders II is set in the fictional world of Etheria, specifically within the Kingdom of Dragonfall. Starting from The Private Tavern or in The Heroes Marketplace - the outdoor HUB, players will be able to head into various locations broken down into playable maps to explore and defend by accessing the Wartable.

What does a map contain

Each map is an arena with set enemy spawners and objectives to defend.


Dragonfall Town

Dragonfall Town Region Icon.png

Dragonfall Castle

Dragonfall Castle Region Icon.png

The Liferoot

The Liferoot Region Icon.png

Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins Region Icon.png

Rotting Ravine

Rotting Ravine Region Icon.png

Lost Dungeons

Lost Dungeons Region Icon.png

The High Seas

The High Seas Region Icon.png


Drakenfrost Region Icon.png

The Wild West

The Wild West Region Icon.png

Tornado Valley

Tornado Valley Region Icon.png


These maps are available only in very specific gamemodes unlike most common maps.