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== Defenses ==
== Defenses ==
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! Defense !! Description
! Defense !! Description

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Monk render.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Weapon Polearms
Damage Type Physical
Base Stats (lvl 1)
Defense Power 250
Defense Health 100
Defense Speed 250
Hero Damage 176
Hero Health 760
Ability Power 100
Hero Crit Damage 70
Defense Crit Damage 70
Base Stats (lvl 50)
Defense Power 642
Defense Health 418
Defense Speed 250
Hero Damage 244.6
Hero Health 5660
Ability Power 198
Hero Crit Damage 241.5
Defense Crit Damage 241.5

The Monk is a hybrid hero with both melee and ranged attacks. Melee Primary Attack deals Physical Damage, while ranged Secondary Attack deals Magical Damage.


Defense Description
100px Lightning Aura: Deals Magical Storm Damage to all enemies within its radius.
100px Boost Aura: Boosts damage dealt and reduces damage taken for all Defenses within its radius.
100px Serenity Aura: Heals each second and reduces damage taken for all heroes within its radius.
100px Sky Guard Tower: Fires a projectile at a flying enemy that deals Magical Damage. Fires an extra projectile for each nearby flying enemy.


Ability Description
100px Pole Smash: The Monk slams his weapon into the ground, dealing Crushing Physical Damage to nearby enemies and knocking them into the air.
100px Chi Blast: The Monk sends forth a gust of Chi energy in a piercing line, dealing Magical Damage and knocking enemies backwards.
100px Heroic Wave: The Monk emits a wave of stabilizing energy that Heals all nearby Heroes and increases their Hero Power for a time.
100px Heal Self: The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.