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Primary Attack: A Melee Physical Slash Attack dealing damage.
Secondary Attack: A Ranged Magical Projectile Attack dealing damage.
Usable Weapons: Polearms
Lore: As a student of martial arts, the Monk thrives in combat, commanding the ebb and flow of the battlefield. He supports his allies with radiant auras of Chi energy that boost the potency of defenses, electrocutes careless enemies, and heals fellow heroes. No hero deck is complete without his wisdom.


Monk pole smash.png Pole Smash: The Monk slams his weapon into the ground, dealing Crushing Physical Damage to nearby enemies and knocking them into the air.
Monk chi blast.png Chi Blast: The Monk sends forth a gust of Chi energy in a piercing line, dealing Magical Damage and knocking enemies backwards.
Monk heroic wave.png Heroic Wave: The Monk emits a wave of stabilizing energy that Heals all nearby Heroes and increases their Hero Power for a time.
Heal.png Heal Self: The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.

Monk flame aura.png Flame Aura: Summons forth waves of fire to scorch enemies within.
Monk boost aura.png Boost Aura: Boosts the Defense Power and Defense Critical Damage of defenses inside its area by a percentage of its own Defense Power and Defense Critical Damage.
Monk sky guard.png Sky Guard Tower: Fires a projectile at each nearby airborne enemy, dealing magical damage. Any enemy struck is slowed for 5 seconds.
LightningStrikesAura.jpg Lightning Strikes Aura: Deals powerful storm damage to a single enemy within its radius.

Advanced EditList of Monk-specific Mods:

Name Effect Item
Weapon Helmet Chest Boots Gloves Relic
Drain Aura Boost Aura damages enemies for X. CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png TickGreen.png
Tidal Wave Chip Heroic Wave deals X damage to nearby enemies. TickGreen.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png
Stunning Wave Chip Heroic Wave stuns enemies for X seconds. TickGreen.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png CrossWhite.png

List of Monk-specific Wayfarer Weapons:

Name Fixed Mod Effect
Glaive of the Storms StormRider Ride a cloud that changes your attacks to lightning dealing X Ability Power as Storm Damage for 15s. Enemies under get drenched and are hit for X% of Ability Power as Storm Damage every 2s.
North Pole Pole Launcher Secondary Attacks fire additional North Poles that deal X% Hero Damage as Frost Damage, pierces 2 enemies and slows them by 40% for X seconds.
Sky Dragon's Fury Sky Dragon's Fury Secondary attacks spawn a lightning ball dealing x% Ability Power as Storm Damage 2.5 times a second for y seconds. Ocurs every 8 seconds.