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Speed:Depending on if the mystic has full souls or not Size:Small the best for hide and seek Primary attack:The mystic uses daggers Secondary attack: The mystics snake hand fires tiny purple bubbles that do damage so the mystic is really a ranged and melee character

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Primary Attack: ?
Secondary Attack: ?
Usable Weapons: Daggers
Lore: The Mystic possesses great power from her dark master. Instead of using mana, she must appease the Serpent God by sacrificing the souls of fallen enemies to gain powerful buffs that can increase her stats, heal her on hit, and reduces her cooldowns. When fully appeased, the Serpent God appears around her and her Obelisk unleashing devastating power. Her appeasement decreases over time and if any of her defenses are destroyed.


Mystic LashOut.png Lash Out: The Mystic invokes the serpent god to lash out at enemies in front of her damaging and poisoning them. Scales with ability power.
Mystic CallToMadness.png Call To Madness: The Mystic summons an image of the Serpent God to persist in an area causing enemies to go mad and attack one another for a duration.
Mystic DarkTorment.png Dark Torment: The Mystic hurls a dagger that impales her target dealing damage over time. Nearby sand vipers focus on that target. If the target dies, a defense appears and attacks enemies.
Mystic SerpentsCoil.png Serpents Coil: Summon a coiled serpent that attacks nearby enemies. Should they die, a healing orb spawns where they perish. If collected by a hero, this orb heals for 60% of their max health.

Mystic SnakingSands.png Snaking Sands: The Mystic places a trap that when triggered slows enemies and pulls them into the ground. After a while, it deals damage to them and stuns them for a duration.
out dated information with damage numbers see link Mystic SandViper.png Sand Viper: The Mystic summons a serpent that can fixate on a single target firing a beam that damages them over time. The beam grows more intense the longer it attacks a single target.
Mystic VipersFangs.png Viper's Fangs: Summons a blockade that can bubble up to three targets lifting them into the sky. The Mystic can use her secondary attack to pop the bubbles and rain poison down on enemies.
Mystic Obelisk.png Obelisk: Gains added effects as you upgrade it. It can deal damage, buff allies, bubble enemies, and polymorph enemies into snakes. At 100% appeasement the serpent god spawns.