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'''A mighty monk once said "Be like water." Sometimes water freezes and become tough like stone.'''
'''''A mighty monk once said "Be like water." Sometimes water freezes and become tough like stone.'''''
=== Accessories ===
=== Accessories ===

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Permafrost Costumes
Permafrost Costumes.jpg
Cosmetic Type Costumes
Rarity Epic
(All of them)
Availability Obtainable - Defender Pack
Hero ApprenticeSquireHuntressMonkAbyss LordSeries EV2Gun WitchLavamancerMysticDryadInitiateAdeptBarbarian

The Permafrost Costumes are a set of costumes that are frosted version of a hero's default costume. Every current hero have a Permafrost costume. They can only be obtained through Defender Packs.

The Apprentice - Ice Mage Regalia

Ice Mage Regalia Front and Back.png

The product of an alchemical blunder while leaving his robes out in the air to dry in the winter air.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text

Permafrost Wizard Hat Icon.png

Permafrost Wizard Hat

Head When frozen, the cap emits a low pitched sobbing wail.

Sleet Covered Cape Icon.png

Sleet Covered Cape

Cape Nope, he didn't over-starched his cape ...it's just frozen that way.

Frigid Robes Icon.png

Frigid Robes

Torso Seldom do robes leave you with a chill; these will freeze you to the bone!

Frigid Breeches Icon.png

Frigid Breeches

Legs With these you'll never be in the hot seat.

The Squire - Frostbite Knight

Frostbite Knight Front and Back.png

Winter is here and Jackfrost has left his mark on the Squire's Armor. Brrrrr!


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Steelfrost Helm Icon.png

Steelfrost Helm

Head Whatever you do, don't lick this helmet.
Glacial Pauldrons Icon.png

Glacial Pauldrons

Armor Gives a whole new meaning to "Cold Shoulder."
Frigid Chestguard Icon.png

Frigid Chestguard

Torso Perfect arctic armor.
Icebound Greaves Icon.png

Icebound Greaves

Legs I don't think this is what they meant by "treading on thin ice."

The Huntress - Borean Stalker

Borean Huntress Front and Back.png

Not even the coldest conditions can hinder the Huntress on her wild hunts.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Icy Locks Icon.png

Icy Locks

Head Better than styling gel, just freeze your hair the way you want it.
Glacial Grips Icon.png

Glacial Grips

Arms Freezes the bow firmly in her grip.
Snowcloak Vest Icon.png

Snowcloak Vest

Waist The native hunters use ice to blend into the snow.
Ice Tundra Threads Icon.png

Ice Tundra Treads

Legs New no-slip grip on these frozen waste stompers.

The Monk - Zen Frost Gi

Zen Frost Gi Front and Back.png

A mighty monk once said "Be like water." Sometimes water freezes and become tough like stone.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Cooler Head Icon.png

Cooler Head

Head May they always prevail.
Chilblain Sleeve Icon.png

Chilblain Sleeve

Torso Our climate testing suggests this clothing item will not offer any thermal protection whatsoever.
Winter Wraps Icon.png

Winter Wraps

Waist Bound by fine threads of magical ice, this wraps improves core strength.
Ice Dragon Legwraps Icon.png

Ice Dragon Legwraps

Legs Blessed by the great ice serpents of the high northlands.

The Abyss Lord - Cryo Lord

Cryo Lord Front and Back.png

Lord of the Underice, Soulmaster of the Polar Hordes.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Void Chill Hood Icon.png

Void Chill Hood

Head Cold Countenance and lidless eyes gaze through this hood.
Void Chill Drapes Icon.png

Void Chill Drapes

Torso Icy vapor seeps from beneath.
Void Chill Sleeves Icon.png

Void Chill Sleeves

Arms No matter what he says, don't let the Abyss Lord hug you wearing these ...don't let him hug you at all.
Void Chill Vestments.png

Void Chill Vestments

Armor This mindnumbingly cold fabric chills drinks in mere seconds!

Series EV2 - Sub-0 Suit

Sub-0 Suit Front and Back.png

A unique chassis built using the Jotun Frost system allows EV2 to survive the coldest environments.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Blutanium Headcage Icon.png

Blutanium Headcage

Head Double-chilled Helium 3 brain processor running in 200% efficiency!
Cryonic Core Icon.png

Cryonic Core

Torso All semi-organic components and inorganic ones are insulated from the coldest temperatures.
Hoarfrost Blaster Cannon Icon.png

Hoarfrost Blaster Cannon

Arm Cannon The Jotun frost system condenses super dense energy particles and harnesses them as projectiles.
Reinforced Ground Clamps Icon.png

Reinforced Ground Clamps

Legs Unparalleled mobility on sleet, snow, or ice.

The Gunwitch - Ice Witch's Garb

Ice Witch's Garb Front and Back.png

Despite being covered in ice, she's still a wicked deadshot with a penchant for a magic shenanigans.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Polar Topper Icon.png

Polar Topper

Head Protects your ears from catching a chill.
Gelid Getup Icon.png

Gelid Getup

Torso Even the polar bears would be jealous.
Chilly Knapsack Icon.png

Chilly Knapsack

Backpack You might be ice cold, but you look red hot!
Icebox Pumps Icon.png

Icebox Pumps

Legs Witch Winter Fashion extraordinaire.

The Lavamancer - Frost Fire Flux

Frost Fire Flux Front and Back.png

Stuck between two states of energy and matter, too hot to freeze and too cold to melt.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Frost Fire Dome Icon.png

Frost Fire Dome

Head Skin is cold as ice but the fire rages in his eyes.
Shale Frost Armor Icon.png

Shale Frost Armor

Torso Powerful primal forces of Ice and Fire protect his body.
Cold Hand Icon.png

Cold Hand

Right Arm Can be relied upon when up North.
Frost Fire Stompers Icon.png

Frost Fire Stompers

Legs When he moves, the ground freezes and burns simultaneously.

The Mystic - Hailstorm Mystic

Hailstorm Mystic Front and Back.png

When the desert froze over, she adapted.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Frostglare Gilded Hood Icon.png

Frostglare Gilded Hood

Head Sparkles in the sun.
Ice Wrapped Sahri Icon.png

Ice Wrapped Sahri

Torso Weather appropriate? Maybe not.
Icebound Serpent Icon.png

Icebound Serpent

Gauntlet Snakes can also be used as frozen javelins in extreme emergencies.
Frosty Sarong Icon.png

Frosty Sarong

Legs The sharp edges provide perfect grip in the snow.

The Dryad - Forestfrost Dryad

Forest Frost Dryad Front and Back.png

Fighting against the Corruption...and global warming!


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Freezey Longbraid Icon.png

Freezey Longbraid

Head Frostburn may cause split ends.
Icicle Covering Icon.png

Icicle Coverings

Torso Surely she must be a bit cold, no?
Winter Glass Wings Icon.png

Winter Glass Wings

Wings Can you really fly with frozen wings? We must find out! Quickly, jump off that cliff over there!
Sleet-Tanned Loincloth Icon.png

Sleet-tanned Loincloth

Legs Modesty protection in any climate!

The Initiate - Summit Frost Gi

Summit Frost Gi Front and Back.png

Blessed by the cold mountain wind spirits, the Summit Frost Gi is a chilling reminder of the Initiate's resolve.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Summit Frost Visage Icon.png

Summit Frost Visage

Head Tough and hardened focus is all you can see in her icy gaze.
Summit Frost Gi Icon.png

Summit Frost Gi

Torso Fortified with mountain frost magics the gi of virtues is transformed into effective armor.
Summit Frost Sleeves Icon.png

Summit Frost Sleeves

Arms Glacial armor adorns the once flowing cloth sleeves of the Initiate's gi grounding her movements and empowering her strikes.
Summit Frost Legwraps Icon.png

Summit Frost Legwraps

Legs Binding legwraps touched by the frosty powers of the mountain afford the Initiate greater balance and stability in frigid combat.

The Adept - Icefall Raiments

Icefall Raiments Front and Back.png

Delving into her studious magic practices, the Adept happened upon an empowerment frost spell that adorned her raiments with ice magic.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Icefall Countenance Icon.png

Icefall Countenance

Head From the top of her head to the tips of her pig-tails, the power of the Icefall spell is plain to see.
Icefall Frozen Robes Icon.png

Icefall Frozen Robes

Torso Her once standard arcane academic robes are now covered in powerful ice magic and empowered their defense.
Icefall Satchel Icon.png

Icefall Arcane Satchel

Bag This keeps most drinks cold, great for storing a packed lunch or ice cubes!
Icefall Frozen Boots Icon.png

Icefall Magic Boots

Legs You'd think the Adept would have trouble getting traction on most surfaces with these boots, but it seems her ice skating lessons paid off gracefully.

The Barbarian - Arctic Barbarian

Arctic Barbarian Front and Back.png

A boreal warrior summoned from the depths of the chilling ice cavern deep below the mountains in the extreme north.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Arctic Crown Icon.jpg

Arctic Crown

Head A crown of ice, perfect for the King of Winter.
Arctic Shoulders Icon.jpg

Arctic Shoulders

Torso Give them the cold shoulder.
Arctic Fist Icon.jpg

Arctic Fist

Arms These frozen fist are harder than diamond, and heavier than rock.
Arctic Boots Icon.jpg

Arctic Boots

Legs Fierce warriors can race across the ice without fear of slipping.

Notes and Trivia

The DLC that was released in 2016
  • The theme was officially called "Permafrost" due to a 2016 DLC called the "Permafrost Pack" which unlocks all the Permafrost costumes when purchased.
  • Permafrost are grounds that have remained frozen solid for over two years or more which is probably also where the theme was derived from.
  • Prior to the release of the Power of the Ancients expansion (3.0), the Permafrost costumes was available in the Seamstress for 400 gems each before being Defender Pack-exclusive costumes.
  • The Frosty Canisters is meant to be used by the Sub-0 Suit EV2 (in terms of cosmetic) as that canister is a permafrosted version of the Prototype Canister. This is the only permafrost costume to have matching weapons.



  • Protean Shift Logo Splash.png 3.0 : Added Frosty Canister as a weapon to go with the Sub-0 Suit.
  • Power of the Ancients Splash Logo.png 2.3 : Added Arctic Barbarian for the Barbarian.
  • Power of the Ancients Splash Logo.png 2.0 : No longer purchasable from the Seamstress, became Defender Pack-exclusive. Also added Summit Frost Gi and Icefall Raiments for The Initiate and The Adept respectively.
  • [Early Access] 18.0 : Introduced.