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Upon evolving to Fledgling, pets gains abilities that can be activated using the X and 9 keys by default. These can be offensive abilities that deal damage, defensive that protect you or your towers, or utility such as causing status effects.

The ability acquired is randomly determined from a pool based on their species and elemental attack property. The ability can be rerolled by the Petrinarian using a reroll item.


Ability Name Ability Description Cooldown (sec) Pet Type Offensive? Defensive? Utility?
Blizzard Summon a blizzard that slows nearby enemies for 40% and deals 125% water Hero Damage per second for 8s. 20 Water True False True
Boulder Roll a giant boulder through 5 enemies, dealing 1500% crushing earth Hero Damage. 45 Earth True False False
Bouncing Fire Fires a bouncing fireball piercing 5 enemies and dealing 1,100% fire Hero Damage. 30 Fire True False False
Bubble Entrapment Fire a bubble that knocks up an enemy for 5 sec and deals 2400% water Hero Damage. 30 Water True False True
Chain Lightning Fire a lightning ball that can hit 4 enemies for 850% storm Hero Damage. 30 Storm True False False
Curse Aura Boosts speed by 50%, reduces enemy damage by 50% and deals 150% magical Hero Damage for 10 sec. 45 Creeper False True True
Dragon Breath Breathes fire in a frontal cone, dealing 200% magical Hero Damage per second for 5s. 30 Dragon True False False
Dragon Protection Shields nearby defenses for 400% Hero Dmage for 10s. 45 Dragon False True False
Drenching Wave Rolls a wave dealing 625% water Hero Damage and drenching enemies for 5s. 30 Water True False True
Encouragement Uplift your spirit by restoring 75 blue mana! 28 Gato False False True
Field of Swords Create a field of swords dealing 130% physical Hero Damage per second for 15s. 60 Special True False False
Fire Barrage Fire 6 fireballs at your target, dealing 425% fire Hero Damage each. 20 Fire True False False
Fire Pillar Creates a flaming pillar dealing 200% fire Hero Damage per second for 10s. 45 Fire True False False
Fire Shield Gain a fire shield for 6s reflecting 1,500% damage taken before resist. 30 Fire False True False
Frost Shards Fire 8 frost shards dealing 265% water Hero Damage each. 20 Water True False False
Gato Fireworks Fires a trio of fireworks dealing 915% magical Hero Damage each. 30 Gato True False False
Ghost Wail Haunt enemies, increasing damage taken by 100% for 5s. 60 Special True False True
Gravebolt Fire a life-stealing bolt at the the target enemy. 30 Creeper True False True
Hex Nearby enemies take 1,250% magical Hero Damage and then deal 50% less damage for 9s. 45 Creeper True True False
Ice Ball Roll an ice ball through 5 enemies, dealing 1800% water Hero Damage. 60 Water True False False
Lightning Grenade Lob a sticky grenade that detonates on enemies dealing 2000% storm Hero Damage. 45 Storm True False False
Lil Betsy Projectile Fires a bolt dealing 2500% magical Hero Damage and reducing enemy damage by 50% for 8s. 30 Special True True False
Maelstorm A maelstorm reduces speed and attacks by 40% and deals 220% Hero Damage per second for 8s. 60 Special True False True
Oil Spit Lobs an oiling blob at enemies, dealing 1500% earth Hero Damage and slowing them by 40% for 5s. 30 Earth True False True
Plague Claw Calls forth a claw dealing 650% magical Hero Damage, increasing x1.5 per hit. 60 Special True False False
Poison Shield Gain shield for 7s reflecting 1750% damage before resist. 45 Earth False True False
Poison Spit Fires a Poison bolt dealing 2000% earth Hero Damage and 150% damage per second for 6s. 30 Earth True False False
Poisonous Tips Attacks from all heroes in small radius deal 120% bonus earth damage for 8s. 45 Earth False False True
Rock Throw Throw a rock dealing 2500% earth Hero Damage and knockback to one enemy. 30 Earth True False True
Sandstorm Increases speed by 50% and attacks deal 115% bonus earth Hero Damage for 7s. 30 Earth False False True
Shock Shield Creates a storm shield around the hero, reflect damage back to enemies who hit the hero. 60 Storm False True False
Short Fuse Piercing orb deals 600% storm Hero Damage and 200% storm Hero Damage per second for 6s. 60 Storm True False False
Snowball Fire a snowball dealing 2750% water Hero Damage to one enemy. 30 Water True False False
Soothing Water Magical waters restore 300% Hero Damage as health. 20 Water False False True
Sparkle Party Dazzles nearby enemies for 1000% magical Hero Damage and stunning them for 5s. 30 Gato True False True
Stalagmite Release stalagmites beneath your foes to knock them up and deals 1000% earth Hero Damage. 30 Earth True False False
Stinky Pits Deals 300% earth Hero Damage each second for 6s to nearby enemies. 45 Earth True False False
Stranglethorn Fires a piercing vine that stun enemies and deals 180% earth hero damage per second for 5s. 30 Earth True False False
Thunderstorm Creates a thunderstorm dealing 750% storm Hero Damage per second for 3s. 60 Special True False False
Unified Defense Shields for 6 sec, reflecting 750% water damage and dealing 400% water Hero Damage per second. 60 Special False True False