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''Not to be confused with [[Slekeleon]]''
''Not to be confused with [[Slekeleon]]''
The Plaguing Hulk is a giant Skeleton Orc that spawn randomly in [[Chaos]] Trials and [[Incursions]].
The Plaguing Hulk is a mini-boss that frequently spawns in [[Chaos]] Trials and [[Incursions]].

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Not to be confused with Slekeleon

The Plaguing Hulk is a mini-boss that frequently spawns in Chaos Trials and Incursions.


The Plaguing Hulk resembles a giant, Skeleton Orc, similar to the Slekeleon. It has a slow attack speed and movement speed, however, it also has one of the most powerful melee attacks in the game with it's high damage and very large attack range.


Like most bosses, DPS from both Heroes and Towers is the most effective way of dealing with it. Melee Heroes are the most prone to his attacks, and it is suggested that they attack him from behind to avoid his large ranged sweep. Quickly back away whenever he is about to swing, as his arm hitbox extends a bit behind him as well. Avoid engaging him directly if he has aggro on you.

Be careful with tower placement, as his attacks can easily hit any towers directly behind barricades.