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Types of Prefixes

Names have a prefix that come in two parts, e.g. "Warrior's Powerful {item}" Part 1, "Warrior," tells what the item's secondary Stat Type. Part 2, "Powerful," tells the Quality of the item.

Quality Prefixes

Worn Sturdy Powerful Epic Mythical Legendary
Passives None None One Two Two Three
Store Common Average Uncommon Rare None None
Chests None None Common Average Uncommon Rare
Drops Very Common Common Average Uncommon Rare Very Rare

Stat Type Prefixes

Items with the same set name will always have the same secondary Stats. Armor can also have an additional tertiary Stat.

Power Health Other
Hero Warrior Guardian Armorer (Resist)
Defense Cannoneer Rook Rapid Fire (Speed)
Ability Mage