Series EV2

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Series EV2
Series EV2
Primary Attack: Arm Cannon
Secondary Attack: Charged shot
Usable Weapons: Arm Cannon with Canisters
Lore: Series EV2 is a self-aware robot tasked with protecting the Sky City. With a machine-like intensity, EV2 constantly modified herself and upgraded her defense systems. Her feature set includes servo-reductive protonic engines, prismatic-shielding, hi-definition laser optics, and Mana-infused allow plating. Series EV2 has pushed herself far beyond her original limitations.


EV2 AntiGravBots.png Anti Gravity Bots: EV2 fires bots that lingers in place until she shoots them. When they detonate they deal damage based on your Ability Power and Hero Damage Stats. Warning: Detonations will chain.
EV2 DFA.png Death from Above: EV2 leaps into the air leaving a decoy behind her that taunts nearby enemies and detonates after a while dealing a percentage of your Ability Power stat as damage.
EV2 ProtonCharge.png Proton Charge: EV2 enters siege mode and her arm cannon morphs into the Proton Charge firing a large beam that deals damage based on Ability Power & Hero Damage.

EV2 ProtonBeam.png Proton Beam: EV2 builds a Proton Beam chain that slows and deals damage to enemies inside it.
EV2 ReflectBeam.png Reflect Beam: EV2 builds a Reflect Beam chain that will reflect any enemy projectiles that come in contact with it. Each node detonates as a projectile passes through the chain.
EV2 BuffBeam.png Buff Beam: EV2 builds a Buff Beam chain that empowers defenses it passes through giving them a percentage of her Defense Power stat and increasing their attack speed.
EV2 WeapManu.png Weapon Manufacturer: The Weapon Manufacturer gains charge when enemies die inside its damage aura. When fully charged, it will either build the Mega Death Laser or Atomic Launcher for EV2 to utilize.