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Chaos III Incursions
* In addition to these minibosses there is also 4 special hero skeleton minibosses, one for each of the 4 starting heroes '''(Skeleton Apprentice, Skeleton Squire, Skeleton Huntress & Skeleton Monk)''' at normal size, and each will have a unique purple skeleton tint. They spawn with only a purple question mark as their icon on the screen. They mostly only spawn from the North spawn point and the 3 skeleton points by the cottages, although they sometimes spawn from the South as well. Multiples ones often spawn on each wave, from Waves 2-4. These 4 skeleton minibosses are special because they each have a low probability of dropping a unique weapon. Each class only drops one weapon for their class, so only the Skeleton Squire drops the sword weapon. There are 4 special weapons, each with a unique skin, but no special MODs. MOD slot one will be empty and has no effect, even though it shows a MOD level, and slot two will have a random normal MOD. MOD slot 1 can be tinkered, and the level currently shown on it plays no part in that process. All shot styles are "spooky" flair.
'''<u>Skeleton Heroes Miniboss Weapon Drops:</u>'''
''(In the Order of - Skeleton Apprentice, Skeleton Squire, Skeleton Huntress & Skeleton Monk.)''
[[File:Eye_of_Cthulhu_forms.png|Left - The Eye of Cthulhu's form in it's first phase. Right - The Eye of Cthulhu's form in it's second phase.|thumb]]
'''<u>Wave 5 : The Eye of Cthulhu -</u>''' The final wave is a Boss round and enemies will infinitely spawn until the Boss is defeated, which will then end the stage immediately. The Boss is The [ Eye of Cthulhu] which is a giant eyeball that's also a unique enemy from Terraria alongside [ Demon Eyes]. It spawns randomly from either air spawn point, and it can be seen on the schedule before the wave starts.
This boss has two phases -
[[File:The_Bling_King_Platform_2nd_ver.png|The Kobold Bling King's platform, where you will give the gold crystals/nuggets.|thumb]]
[[File:Golden_Whiterbeast.png|A Golden Crystal Beast and a gold crystal/nugget that it drops.|thumb]]
'''Gold Nuggets and The Kobold Bling King.'''

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