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Squire render.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Weapon Swords/Shields
Damage Type Physical
Base Stats (lvl 1)
Defense Power 250
Defense Health 100
Defense Speed 250
Hero Damage 176
Hero Health 880
Ability Power 100
Hero Crit Damage 70
Defense Crit Damage 70
Base Stats (lvl 50)
Defense Power -
Defense Health -
Defense Speed -
Hero Damage -
Hero Health -
Ability Power -
Hero Crit Damage -
Defense Crit Damage -

The Squire is a sturdy melee hero. Primary Attack deals Physical Damage. Secondary Attack raises his shield and greatly reduces incoming frontal damage.


Defense Description
100px Cannonball Tower: Fires a massive cannonball that deals Crushing Physical Damage to one enemy.
100px Spike Blockade: Blocks enemies attacks, dealing Physical Damage, when stuck by melee enemies. Draws extra attention from enemies.
100px Ballista: Fires a piercing projectile that deals Physical Damage in a line. Deals less damage to each enemy hit after the first.
100px Training Dummy: When struck by friend or foe, the dummy spins, dealing Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Spins faster with each hit. Draws extra attention from enemies.


Ability Description
100px Sword Beam: The Squire unleashes a piercing beam that deals Magical Damage. Deals less damage to each enemy hit after the first.
100px Provoke: The Squire Taunts nearby Enemies, drawing their attention. During the taunt, he boosts his Hero Damage and speed while reducing his damage taken.
100px Seismic Slam: The Squire slams his Shield into the ground, dealing Crushing Magical Earth Damage and Stunning enemies.
100px Heal Self: The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.