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Squire render.png
Weapon Swords
Base Stats (lvl 1)
Base Stats (lvl 50)

The Squire is a sturdy melee hero. Primary Attack deals Physical Damage. Secondary Attack raises his shield and greatly reduces incoming frontal damage.


Squire swordbeam.png Sword Beam: The Squire unleashes a piercing beam that deals Magical Damage.
Squire Provoke.png Provoke: The Squire Taunts nearby Enemies, drawing their attention. During the taunt, he boosts his Hero Damage and speed while reducing his damage taken.
Squire seismic slam.png Seismic Slam: The Squire slams his Shield into the ground, dealing Crushing Magical Earth Damage and Stunning enemies.

Squire cannonball.png Cannonball Tower: Fires a massive cannonball that deals Crushing Physical Damage to one enemy.
Squire SpikedBlockade.png Spike Blockade: Blocks enemies. Attacks, dealing Physical Damage, when stuck by melee enemies. Draws extra attention from enemies.
Squire ballista.png Ballista: Fires a piercing projectile that deals Physical Damage in a line. Deals less damage to each enemy hit after the first. Can attack Flying enemies
Squire training dummy.png Training Dummy: When struck by friend or foe, the dummy spins, dealing Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Spins faster with each hit. Draws extra attention from enemies.