Strategies: Hero Builds

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Heroes are a major asset of Dungeon Defenders 2. They can provide assistance to any lanes that need attention (some can even defend a lane without requiring any defenses to support your hero), and can dish out extra damage in general.

Shards and Mods allow you to customize your hero, and open doors for many possibilities. Here are some of the builds commonly used by players:

Nuke Monk

The nuke monk is capable of colossal damage to Bosses while also being able to dish out considerably high DPS to weaker enemies. The ability to quickly defeat big threats, provide excellent dps, and respond to problems quickly with the monk's double-jump is why this is the most common build in the game, and why most expert players use the Monk as their main hero.


  • Can provide high DPS in general.
  • Can charge a single melee hit to deal immense damage - enough to almost always one-shot any boss.
  • Very quick and agile thanks to the Monk's ability to double-jump.


  • This build is focused solely on Hero Damage and not Ability Power. This means you cannot use Heroic wave to quickly heal yourself or allies.