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The Awakening Costumes
Galactic Heroes Wallpaper.jpg
Cosmetic Type Costumes
Rarity Powerful (Monk)

Epic (Apprentice)

Mythical (Squire and Huntress)

Price 800 gems each
Availability Available
Hero ApprenticeSquireHuntressMonk

The Awakening Costumes are a set of costumes that are galactic themed. Only The Apprentice, The Squire, The Huntress and The Monk have an Awakening costume each. They can be purchased from the Seamstress or in the cosmetic interface. The costumes cost 800 gems each.

The Apprentice - Arcanatrooper


Don't worry who shoot first, this guy misses.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text

Arcanatrooper's Wide Brimmed Combat Helmet Icon.png

Wide Brimmed Combat Helmet

Epic Head Its combat readings will make you skilled enough to at least hit the broadside of an Ogre!

Arcanatrooper's Shoulder Cape Icon.png

Trooper's Shoulder Cape

Epic Cape Capes are awesome! At least you'll look stylish when you spray and pray.

Arcanatrooper's One Shot Combat Armor Icon.png

One Shot Combat Armor

Epic Torso That's pretty much all it's good for.. taking one shot. Use cover!

Arcanatrooper's Heavy Duty Combat Boots Icon.png

Heavy Duty Combat Boots

Epic Legs Sure footing and comfort, only comes in white, like everything else.

The Squire - Dark Disciple


He finds your lack of iPwr disturbing.


Accessory Rarity Piece Flavor Text
Dark Disciple's Face of Darkness Icon.png

Face of Darkness

Epic Head You sound inherently more evil with this on, at least in your own mind.
Dark Disciple's Power Armor Icon.png

Disciple's Power Armor

Epic Armor Custom tailored for a dark disciple on the go..
Dark Disciple's Dark Fanatic Robes Icon.png

Dark Fanatic's Robes

Epic Torso Always dress in long flowy layers, space is a cold place.
Dark Disciple's Cinched Dark Robes Icon.png

Cinched Dark Robe

Epic Legs Evil must maintain its figure.

The Huntress - Galactic Assassin


Neutralize them. Disintegrations encouraged.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Galactic Assassin's Crackshot Headband Icon.png

Crackshot's Headband

Head If you don't believe it's lucky, just check the bullet hole.
Galactic Assassin's Plasma Proof Armor Icon.png

Plasma Proof Armor

Torso Even hired killers have dress codes.
Galactic Assassin SSD-V9 Jetpack Icon.png

SSD-V9 Booster Pack

Jetpack Version 9, top of the line. The last 8 sprung a leak.
Galactic Assassin's Tracker's Utility Shorts Icon.png

Tracker's Utility Shorts

Legs Pockets and pouches to keep all your ammo and explosive goodies in.

The Monk - Dark Shawl


The Etherian Menace.


Accessory Rarity Section Flavor Text
Dark Shawl's Horns of the Menace Icon.png

Horns of the Menace

Powerful Head Beware the horns, headbutts not recommended..
Dark Shawl Agile Assailant's Robes Icon.png

Agile Assailant's Robes

Powerful Torso Freedom of movement is key when you're kicking butt.
Dark Shawl's Sinister Combatant's Girdle Icon.png

Sinister Combatant's Girdle

Powerful Waist Guaranteed to keep everything in place even if you get cut in half.
Dark Shawl's Polished Skirmisher's Boots Icon.png

Polished Skirmisher's Boots

Powerful Legs The tears of your foes keep these boots shiny and clean.

Notes and Trivia



  • [Early Access 9.0] : Introduced