Wyvern Tokens

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Wyvern Tokens used to act as rewards from Daily and Monthly Missions prior to the Calling All Heroes patch, and are now replaced by the current secondary currency system Defender Medals. They no longer have any use.


These tokens can no longer be acquired by any means. All previous methods, such as completing daily missions, monthly missions and collecting them from onslaught are now methods of receiving Defender Medals instead.


The following is a list of items previously purchasable with Wyvern Tokens.

Item Price Unique
Lucky Tower Salve 1 Token
Lucky Hero Salve 1 Token
Small Pet Affection Booster 10 Tokens
Large Pet Affection Booster 40 Tokens
Small Item Upgrade Booster 20 Tokens
Large Item Upgrade Booster 80 Tokens
Lockbox Master Key 9 Tokens
Betsy Dragon Egg 180 Tokens
Concentrated Cyclone Sphere 60 Tokens
Flamethrower Sphere 60 Tokens
Stickynade Uber Sphere 60 Tokens
Elemental Chaos Sphere 60 Tokens
Shielding Wave 60 Tokens
Lightning Strikes Aura Sphere 60 Tokens
Empowered Beam Sphere 60 Tokens
Heavy Cannonball Sphere 60 Tokens