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So far there are 15 achievements in the game and they are called like following:

Icon Name Description
Defender Initiate.jpg Defender Initiate Reach level 5 with a hero
Defense Prodigy.jpg Defense Prodigy Reach level 15 with a hero
Veteran Defender.jpg Veteran Defender Reach level 25 with a hero
Talon Guard.jpg Talon Guard On four heroes, reach level 25
Shoots Da Fire.jpg Shoots Da Fire Deal 5,000,000 damage with Flameburst Towers
Clever Girl.jpg Clever Girl Deal 5,000,000 damage with the Explosive Trap
The Zapper.jpg The Zapper Deal 5,000,000 damage with Lightning Auras
Buster Cannon.jpg Buster Cannon Deal 5,000,000 damage with the Cannonball Towers
Bomb Squad.jpg Bomb Squad Defeat 100 Kobolds before they light their fuse
Dig Dugged.jpg Dig Dugged Defeat 100 Witherbeasts before they finish burrowing
Steady Aim.jpg Steady Aim Hit 10 critical hits in a row
Forgot to Heal.jpg Forgot to Heal Die
The Mythical.jpg The Mythical Equip a Mythical item in each item slot
Triggered My Trap Cart.jpg Triggered My Trap Cart Activate 100 environmental traps
Special Delivery.jpg Special Delivery Defeat 1,000 special enemies