Bomb Goblin

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Bomb Goblin

Bomb Goblin - Tier 1.png

Bomb Goblin - Tier 2.png

Bomb Goblin - Tier 3.png

Enemy Types Goblin, Ranged
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances All game modes
Schedule Icon Bomb Goblin Icon.png

The Bomb Goblin is the most common ranged type encountered in vast numbers on every map. It has low health and deals a small amount of damage over a short distance.


The Bomb Goblins will prance their way to the core, potentially attacking anything that stands in their way by hurling tiny bombs, dealing physical damage at close range. While it'll not always be a guarantee, the bomb goblins can be aggroed by heroes if the latter is very nearby.


There is no particular strategy in dealing with these enemies. They die very easily to any damage done to them.