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The Help namespace is used to teach new editors how to work with our wiki, with the expectation that people truly new will be using Media Wiki's Help to figure out most of their questions. As such, most of the help namespace will be describing how this wiki works, compared to others, including our Template structure. This is contrary to our Community namespace, which is used to collect records on the policy and standard practice of things for the wiki (documenting ideas which could then be applied to things that may not have existed, to ensure that a consistent approach is taken to things across the wiki). Help sections should not be written with the expectation that anyone reading that article would actually feel confident in the area of that article, as the reader is there because they are uncertain about something specific to our wiki (with again, the community namespace being designed as the opposite; filled with articles that are made reference to when people who understand the basics of how any related aspects of the wiki work, but who need clarification of our standard practices in the related area to either avoid or fix any mistakes).

Each article should appear in a question format in the contents area, looking like a question that a reader would ask when trying to figure out that aspect of the wiki. The given article then should explain all the basic information related to the topic in same format as a standard article. Help namespace (as well as Community namespace) articles should still be given a category, but the given categories should never include any used to sort main namespace articles.