Genie King

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Genie King
Genie King.png
Enemy Types Boss
Lane Type Stationary
Appearances Tornado Highlands Map Banner.png

Tornado Highlands Expeditions 6th wave

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Returning from the nether, the supernatural creature who is able to manipulate the elements known as the Genie King is a boss only encountered in Tornado Highlands within Expeditions gamemode.

Credits to this image from the Protobot Database for a good amount of info that this article uses.

Behavior and Mechanics

Genie King and Wind Lord Locations.png

Genie King and Wind Lords' potential spawning locations.

  • The Genie King is a stationary boss, meaning that he can only be fought in one or several specific areas in the map. In this boss fight's case, the Genie King has a specific starting spot and will later teleports to either one of 5 other spots whenever a health breakpoint is reached.
  • The Genie King boss fight cycles through two types of phases - a damage phase and immunity phase. Every time a quarter of the boss' max HP is lowered, a health breakpoint has been reached and the Genie King will teleport on another spot, entering his immunity phase (indicated with a bubble shield). Multiple Wind Lords (see below) will spawn around the map to sustain the Genie King's immunity, they will need to be defeated for the boss to re-enter his damage phase. Once another quarter of HP has been taken away, the immunity phase starts again. Rinse and repeat until the Genie King's fully out of health.
  • The Genie King's attack pattern generally revolves around spitting his elemental projectiles twice before and after firing his eyebeams. Should any heroes end up getting too close to the boss, the Genie King will use his close combat attacks.
  • The Genie King is untargetable by defenses and immune to defense damage/crowd control effects. The boss also has no damage reduction resistance.
  • The Genie King does not have the ability to damage any core or defenses.
Wind Lords

Wind Lords are a variant of Windshaper that acts as minions to the Genie King during his immunity phase.

  • They are completely stationary at various specific spots in the map acting as conduits to sustain the boss' immunity shield.
  • Visually, Wind Lords are identical to Cyclone Shapers/Tornado Forgers with the exception of being smaller in size. However, they are still bigger than regular windshapers.
  • Wind Lords have a much faster tornado casting rate than all the other types of Windshapers. Their tornado knock-up effect can be negated by Tenacity.
  • They are immune to defense damage and crowd control effects.
  • There are 14 potential Wind Lord spawn locations but the number of Wind Lords spawned in each immunity phase will depend on how many players are present in the map. 3 Wind Lords with a single player, 5 Wind Lords with two players, 7 Wind Lords with three players and 9 Wind Lord with all four players.

Close-combat Attacks

The Genie King has two types of close combat attack should a hero ends up too close to him - a higher-damage bite attack that deals a slight knockback and two variants of lower-damage tongue sweeps attacks that has the capability of knocking heroes far off the map (unable to be negated with Tenacity).

Genie King Bite Attack.gif
Bite attack.

Genie King 1st Tongue Attack.gif
Tongue Sweep (First variant).

Genie King 2nd Tongue Attack.gif
Tongue Sweep (Second variant).


One of the Genie King main means of attack, these eyebeams has map-wide targeting coverage along with aimbot-level of tracking targeted players when they're within the boss' line-of-sight. The eyebeams are able to pierce through Reflect Beams but can be blocked by terrain and will also deal minor continuous knockback to any heroes being struck. Each eyebeam attack last for 5 seconds

There are 5 types of eyebeams, each inflicting a crippling debuff. Most of the time the Genie King will utilize two types of eyebeams at the same time (one from each eye) - if there's only one player both eyebeams will be focused on the direction of that player and if there's two players or more, the eyebeam will be fired in two different directions dependent on the location of both targeted players. Note that the different debuffs' crippling effects (excluding duration) are able to be stacked with each other and conventional elemental combo logic does not apply with these attacks.

  • Sundering Eyebeams. (Pink Laser) - Inflicts a debuff that makes the affected hero take more damage. The debuff last for about 2 second but can be continuously overlapped if the hero is still being struck by the laser. In addition to the that, the effect of the debuff will increasingly ramp up as long as the hero is still being continuously struck by the laser (even more so if there's two sundering beams).
  • Burning Eyebeams. (Orange Laser) - Inflicts a burn debuff that makes the affected hero take 1 damage tick per second over the course of 5 seconds. The duration of the effect can be extended if the hero is still being hit by the beam or a Burning Spit.
  • Poisoning Eyebeams. (Green Laser) - Inflicts a poisoned debuff makes the affected hero take 1 damage tick per second over the course of 5 seconds. The duration of the effect can be extended if the hero is still being hit by the beam or a Poisoning Spit.
  • Slowing Eyebeams. (Blue Laser) - Inflicts a debuffs that slows the affected hero's movement speed for a few seconds.
  • Electrocuting Eyebeams. (Light Blue Laser) - Has a chance to electrocute a hero for about 2 seconds.

Disclaimer: to reduce the memory of these gifs, the duration of the eyebeam attacks presented here has been drastically cut.

Genie King Pink Eyebeam.gif
Sundering Eyebeams. (Pink Laser)

Genie King Fire Eyebeam.gif
Burning Eyebeams. (Orange Laser)

Genie King Poisonous Eyebeam.gif
Poisoning Eyebeams. (Green Laser)

Genie King Water Eyebeam.gif
Slowing Eyebeams. (Blue Laser)

Genie King Electric Eyebeam.gif
Electrocuting Eyebeams. (Light Blue Laser)

Spit Projectiles

Another of the Genie King's main means of attack. These elemental spits will try to home on to targeted heroes to the point of being capable of outright changing direction to reach the target. The number of spits fired by the boss is dependent on how many players are present in the map. These projectiles are able to be reflected by Reflect Beams and can also be blocked by terrain.

Like eyebeams, there are 5 types of elemental spits, each having the ability to inflict a crippling debuff. Note that the different debuffs' crippling effects (excluding duration) are able to be stacked with each other and conventional elemental combo logic does not apply with these attacks.

  • Stunning Spit - An earth projectile that stuns a hero for 2 seconds.
  • Burning Spit - A fire projectile that inflicts a burn debuff that makes the affected hero take 1 damage tick per second over the course of 5 seconds. The duration of the effect can be extended if the hero is hit by another burning spit or a Burning Eyebeam.
  • Poisoning Spit - A poison projectile that inflicts a poisoned debuff that makes the affected hero take 1 damage tick per second over the course of 5 seconds. The duration of the effect can be extended if the hero is hit by another poisoning spit or a Poisoning Eyebeam.
  • Freezing Spit - An icy projectile that freezes a hero for 2 seconds.
  • Electrocuting Spit - An electrical projectile that electrocutes a hero for 2 seconds.

Genie King Earth Spit.gif
Stunning Spit.

Genie King Fire Spit.gif
Burning Spit

Genie King Poisonous Spit.gif
Poisoning Spit.

Genie King Freezing Spit.gif
Freezing Spit.

Genie King Electric Spit.gif
Electrocuting Spit.


It is recommended to use Hero Damage builds to dish out consistent DPS.

If you're using a ranged hero, make sure to utilize various terrains within the map to block eyebeams and spits. An example would be the shelter between "Western Passage" spawn point and the north core which is really good place to cycle yourself in different positions to block and strike back, however - ranged characters might struggle with Wind Lords as certain locations might be hard to attack without getting close and getting close to Wind Lords with a squishy hero is not really a good idea unless you're confident that you can nuke them fast.

If you're using a melee hero, having tenacity along with a tanky build (eg. using a Barbarian with Turtle Stance) will make your life much easier with the mitigation of the Genie King's and Wind Lords' CC effects but be prepared to still get knocked back by tongue sweeps a lot when directly attacking the boss. But it will be even better if you utilize both types of characters - ranged for Genie King and melee for Wind Lords since that's where both types excel in tackling.

Using World Tree with World Tree Mcbufferson, Obelisk with Empowering Blasphemy and Flame/Water Aura with Empowering Aura shard will also help increase damage done to the boss. And furthermore, the Genie King can also be affected by debuffs (which increases his damage taken) from;

  • Sundering Blow shard.
  • Blessing of Poisons locked mod (from Ring of Poison).
  • Ignite elemental combo.
  • Melting Point Shard (for Countess)
  • Incendiary Rocket (for Engineer's Bunker Buster)
  • Wither Bubble shard (For Adept's Arcane Bubble)
  • Initiate's Crippling Chi Wave
  • Gunwitch's Book Drop (The Gunwitch that used bookdrop needs to stay active on field).
  • Attacks from a Mystic with 100% Appeasement.
  • Dragolich's Ghost Wail.
  • Jackalope's Curse.

Trivia - Dungeon Defenders 1

The Genie King originally appeared in DD1, found within Moraggo Desert Town map as the second boss of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLCs storyline. Despite having fallen to the might of the heroes previously in DD1, it is unspecified how the Genie King managed to return in DD2 with the only clue of him now being in a corrupted form.

Gameplay-wise, while both Genie Kings shares the same types of attacks and behaviors (such as Tongue Sweeps, Elemental Eyebeams/Projectiles, Minion Summoning and Health Breakpoints), that's where the similarities ends as the mechanics utilizing those behaviors has major differences between both iterations.

  • DD1's Genie King has only three types of Eyebeams and Projectiles. They do not inflict any crippling debuffs and has a different short to mid-ranged attack patterns.
  • DD1's Genie King has a hiding phase (instead of an immunity phase) where he teleports to inside one of many hidden lamps within the map once a health breakpoint has been reached. To re-enter his damage phase again, players will need find and activate the targeted lamp to release the boss.
  • Instead of summoning Wind Lord minions, the Genie King in DD1 summons Djinnlets, smaller-sized versions of the DD1 enemy Djinns.


  • DD2 Splash Logo.png June 30th 2022 : Introduced.