Mana Nodes

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Mana Nodes are containers on a map that give Defense Mana to players. Players receive their full share of Defense Mana from a single node. Once a node has been activated, the other nodes will deactivate.

During the next Build Phase, the Mana Nodes will replenish, and players can retrieve their next batch of Defense Mana. However if a wave is completed and a new Build Phase begins before the Mana Node is activated, the mana from the previous round will be lost and replaced by the mana for the new round.

An available Mana Node will glow green and a green colored spirit will buzz about the top of the node when the player approaches.

Mana shares are determined at the very start of a Build Phase depending on the number of players in a match. When starting a new match the game will set a 10 second timer to allow other players to join the session and establish their claim on a portion of the initial build mana. The more players that are in the match, the smaller the share is for each player. If the mana is not perfectly divisible by the number of players in a match, one player will receive slightly more mana than the other players.

Mana Nodes can be seen on the minimap as green diamond shaped pentagon.

Defense Mana.