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Purrlin is a fluffly cat with a blue magician hat. Its fur is dark grey, almost black while its belly, ears and nose is shining pink. Compared to its tail, it has tiny arms and feets

Pet Stats

Attack Rate: [1.34s]
Storm damage: 80
Number of hits per attack: 2
Attack growth per level: +17
Empower Stats
Hero damage: 21
Ability Power: 29

Stat Hatchling (1-10) Fledgling (11-25) Veteran (26-45) Elder (46-60) Maxed out (60)
Basic lvl. Attack Damage [73-122] [243-292] [498-547] [838-887] [1076-1125]
Basic lvl. max DPS 195.2 467.2 875.2 1419.2 1800