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Strategies: Hero Builds

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== Nuke [[Monk]] ==
The nuke monk is capable of colossal damage to [[Special Enemies|Bosses]] while also being able to dish out considerably high DPS to weaker enemies. The ability to quickly defeat big threats, provide excellent dps, and respond to problems quickly with the monk's double-jump is why this is the most common build in the game, and why most expert players use the Monk as their main hero.
*Since this build maximizes the Arcane Volley ability, the Power Volley shard is highly recommended, as it will provide a raw DPS increase to that ability.
*Empowered Marks is a must if you wish to utilize this build to its maximum. This shard will increase the maximum amount of targets you can have marked.
*Mark Targets can allow your defenses to mark enemies rather than you having to mark them manually. This is most useful on the [[Flamethrower Tower]] and [[Earthshatter Tower]] because [[Frostbite Tower|Frostbite Towers]] don't deal damage and [[Arcane Barrier|Arcane Barriers]] only explode after withstanding enough punishment. This shard also cannot be applied to defenses that don't belong to the Apprentice. It should be worth noting that if you use Mark Targets in multiple lanes, your towers may have trouble marking enemies if you aren't using Empowered Mark.
*Haunting and Ravenhost can allow your primary and secondary attacks to deal significant damage, since both of these shards uses your Ability Power.
*Power of Storms uses Hero Damage, so it won't hurt much. However, when combined with Drenching Strikes, it can [[Electrocute]] enemies.
*Both Beacon of the Storm and Channel will restore your mana. However, spamming Arcane Volley will result in a rapid mana drain, so it is highly recommended to combine both of these shards to counter that. Beacon of the Storm restores more mana, but it only activates when you're attacking a target.
*Superconductor will significantly reduce the amount of mana that Arcane Volley will consume. However, this is a [[Chaos]] 8 shard, so it may be difficult to obtain. Mana Capacitor is a decent alternative if you do not have Superconductor, as it will increase your maximum mana capacity instead.
== Hack n' Slash [[Barbarian]] ==
This build is intended to maximize the Barbarian's damage output/DPS, and let him go to town on enemies - and that's about it! Simple, yet effective. Side effects may include mass electrocution of enemies that are attacked, and invincibility to the Barbarian himself.
*You will want a lightweight weapon in your primary slot, and a heavyweight weapon in your secondary in order to maximize damage & range while keeping your attack rate at top speed. The abilities that this build focuses on doesn't utilize Ability Power, so try to get Hero Health on both weapons instead.
*Since this build focuses on raw damage output, use a full set of Ranger Armor to boost your Hero Damage as high as possible. Despite being a melee hero, you probably won't need Hero Health on any armor if both of your weapons have it as their secondary stats.
'''How to Use:'''
This build centers on Lightning Stance to provide extra damage and Siphon Stance to offset the damage you take from using Lightning Stance. Once you have both abilities active, just hold down your primary attack button and keep on swinging.
It is recommended to activate Lightning Stance first, then Siphon Stance. Your primary ability will be applied before your secondary one. This will cause you to take damage from Lightning Stance, and then be healed immediately after by Siphon Stance. If you activate the abilities the other way, you will have a small portion of health that you cannot restore with Siphon. On the other hand, activating Siphon first can prevent you from accidentally suiciding from Lightning Stance should your health be low enough.
*Very high DPS output - can kill most enemies in seconds and leave a dent in bosses very quickly.
*If combined with some form of [[Drenched|Drench,]] Lightning Stance will allow you to [[Electrocute]] enemies with each hit. This is very useful should you encounter an enemy that you cannot erase very quickly - with the right setup, it can stun an enemy multiple times in a row.
*When using Draining Strikes, Siphon Stance is capable of reversing most damage that you take, essentially making you short of being invincible!
*Because this build does not use Ability Power, there is no effective way for the Barbarian to attack flying enemies.
*Even with the ridiculous healing that Siphon Stance is capable of providing, you can still be killed if you take enough damage at a time. This is most likely to happen when you draw the attention of multiple [[Kobolds]] at once.

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