Cores and sub-cores

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Crystal Cores

Red Shield Icon.png
  • Main Objectives are marked on the mini-map with a red trimmed yellow Shield Icon.
  • Defending the Crystal Core(s) is the main objective in order to complete any map.
    If any Main Core gets destroyed the map will fail.
  • The Amount of HP a Core has depends on difficulty and map.

Sub Objectives

Grey Shield Icon.png
  • Sub Objectives can be identified by the spinning Grey shield above them.
  • Sub Objectives are a secondary type of "core" to protect. If the Sub Objective gets destroyed the map won't fail but a new lane often opens on the next wave. If you lose the Sub Objective on the last wave it can be ignored.
  • The Amount of HP a Sub Objective has depends on difficulty and map.
  • Keeping Sub Objectives alive until the end of the map will yield bonus experience.