Hex Thrower

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The Hex Thrower is a Chaos Enemy that makes it's first appearance in Chaos 6.


Hex Throwers are purple javelin throwers that have one of the longest ranges in the game. Their javelins curse your defences, reducing Defence Power by 50%. They were added in the Spring Forward Update, along with Kobolts.

Boss Variant

The mini-boss variant for Hex Throwers is the Sniper Warbleed, a larger Hex Thrower.


Hex Throwers, by nature, are one of the easier Chaos enemies to fight. While they are able to target your towers from afar, they still prioritise barricades like most enemies, so they are not as much of a threat to non-DPS barricades. EV2's Reflect Beam can be useful for reflecting the javelins, as well as any other projectiles to keep your towers alive.