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Specs={{Hero SkillList|Specs|Reduced_Cooldown|Mage_Spec|Blockade_Boom|Freeze|Double_Fire_Fireball|Earthy_Knockup}} {{!}}-{{!}}
Passives={{Data Field|Passives/Apprentice|swap}}}}</div>
Has good synergy with Squire and Monk.
Frostbite Tower + Cannon Ball Tower (Squire Tower). Frostbite Tower gives enemies slow and at the end of the slow, gives the enemy a temporary frozen status. Cannon Ball Tower's will "shatter" the enemy dealing massive damage.
Frostbite Tower + Lightning Aura (Monk Skill). Frostbite Tower slows the enemy forcing the enemy to stay inside the Lightning Aura for longer.
Tornado + Sky Guard Tower (Monk Skill). Tornado launches enemies into the air allowing Sky Guard Tower's to deal massive damage to them.

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