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Goblin - Tier 1.png

Goblin - Tier 2.png

Goblin - Tier 3.png

Enemy Types Goblin, Melee
Lane Type Ground Spawn Symbol.png Ground
Appearances All Gamemodes
Schedule Icon Goblin Icon.png

The Goblin is the most common and basic ground melee enemy encountered in vast numbers on every map. It has low health and deals a small amount of damage.


The Goblins will shamble their way to the core, potentially attacking anything that stands in their way with small melee attacks, dealing physical damage at very close range. While it'll not always be a guarantee, the goblins can be aggroed by heroes if the latter is very nearby.

Tier 1 and 2 Goblins doesn't seem to have any behavioral difference. If there's any, it'll most likely be extremely minute. Tier 3 Goblins attacks a tiny bit faster.


There is no particular strategy in dealing with these enemies. They die very easily to any damage done to them.

Though they will take more damage from sources equipped with M.O.D.S. such as :

  • Anti-Gobu Servo and Anti Melee Servo for Relics.
  • Goblin Chip and Melee Chip for Weapons.

Furthermore, there are also M.O.D.S. such as Gobu-Boom Servo and Gobsplosion Chip that have goblins detonate on death, damaging other enemies. However, while they might be a little useful early game, they are completely useless in late-game.

Onslaught Lane Schedules

In Onslaught, the Goblins potentially starts appearing at floor 1 and beyond in these designated ground lane schedules below.

  • Fodder lanes. However, there are a lot of fodder lanes and some may not include regular goblins within their spawn pool.
  • Floppy Arms and Pig Bois lanes.
  • Wompers lanes. However, there are a lot of womper lanes out there and some may or may not include regular goblins within their spawn pool.
  • Timmy's Revenge and Just Timmy lanes.
  • Dreadbones Crew. (As Pirate Goblins)



Main Article: Griblok

Griblok is the special enemy/miniboss version of the goblin that has a chance to appear in most gamemode. Unlike regular goblins, Griblok is pretty fast and tough.


Main Article: Timmy

Timmy is another miniboss version of the goblin only found in Onslaught. Unlike Griblok, Timmy is extremely weak.

Timmy's Goblin

Main Article: Timmy's Goblins

These Goblins are smaller versions of tier 1s and 2s that has a blue coating. They only appear in one specific schedule in Onslaught. Nothing notable about them except being very weak.

Pirate Goblin

Main Article: Pirate Enemies

This variant are just goblins dressed as pirates. They can be found in the High Seas region or in one specific schedule in Onslaught. There is no functional difference to a regular goblin, only cosmetic.

Carnival Goblin

Main Article: Carnival Enemies

These goblins variant of the tier 1s and 2s originate from the Dragonfall Carnival event (Reintroduced as the Jester's Revenge Incursion). Their feature is that they spawn in a size that's much bigger than their regular counterparts.

Frost Goblin

Main Article: Frost Enemies

These goblins are much more ferocious in health, attacks and speed than their regular counterparts. Furthermore, anything that are hit by their attacks will be chilled, slowing the victim down momentarily.