Frost Enemies

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For a list of regular enemies, see Enemies.

Frost Enemies are a special variant of the normal monsters you see in the game. They are found in the Yeti's Revenge Incursion and also make occasional appearances in Onslaught floors 28 and beyond.

All frosty variants of enemies are capable of Slowing your defenses, or maybe even Freezing them. They are also immune to all Slowing debuffs. However, they can still be Stunned.

Despite their strengths, all frost enemies are weak to fire, taking double damage from any source of fire, hero or defense. This makes Flame Auras, Flamethrower Towers, Fissures, or even a fire Mod ideal for tackling these enemies.

An anti-frost build can be found on Strategies: Onslaught if these guys are causing you trouble.

The Yeti's Revenge incursion will explain what frost monsters are capapble of, or you can look at the list below:

Frost Goblins

Frost Goblins are the first enemy introduces in the Yeti Incursion. They move much faster than usual (about the same speed as Berserker Orcs), and slow you or your defenses on hit. Both the fighters and bombers have frost variants, so your defenses will need to support both melee and ranged mobs.

These guys aren't much stronger than your average goblin, so they shouldn't be too much of a threat. Don't play with them, however, or else their ability to slow on hit could allow them to overwhelm you!

Frost Orcs

These guys are just as slow as your average orc, but they still pose a threat. Any nearby defenses will be slowed and lose DPS - and that's just from exposure.

The best way to tackle these guys is from long range. You can't slow frost orcs, but you can stun them. Pairing a Poison Dart Tower with an Earthshatter Tower is a decent way to Petrify these guys and stop them in their tracks.

Frost Mages

Frost Mages function very similarly to your average mage, but their attacks freeze on hit. Dark Mages are support enemies, so they don't attack frequently - frost mages included. Because of this, you normally don't have to worry about them freezing your defenses, but they can be problematic if multiple appear at a time or if one of them manages to freeze a valuable defense!

Drakin Skeletons

There's not much special here, as Drakin Skeletons function exactly the same as normal Drakins but with the additional ability to slow on hit. Spamming Flame Auras can finish these guys off effortlessly.


These are frost variants of your average Ogre, making Yetis the hardest frost enemy in the game. Instead of throwing slime at you to Slow, they throw snowballs to Freeze you solid. If you're frozen in mid-air or next to the Yeti, you will likely die in one hit to the shatter combo. If you get frozen elsewhere, you will likely not get one-shot, unlike when Drakenlord freezes you.

Also unlike your average ogre, yetis do not ground-pound, so you don't have to worry about all your towers getting destroyed in an area at once.