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In Dungeon Defenders II, players must defend their objectives from various creatures. These creatures are the minions of the Old Ones, an overarching evil presence in the world of Etheria.

List of Enemies

Non-Resistant Enemies

Physical Resistant Enemies

Magic Resistant Enemies

Flying Enemies

Campaign Bosses

Chaos Enemies

Chaos I
Chaos II
Chaos III
  • Geodes
  • Geode Prime - Leader of the Shield Geodes
Chaos IV
Chaos V
Chaos VI
Chaos VII


Incursion Enemies

Griblok's Horde
  • Mini Gribloks
  • Mini Quibly(s)
Kobold Bling King
  • Golden Whitherbeasts
  • Explodinators
Wyvern Enhusiast
  • Timothy, Wyvern Fan
  • Jimothy, Wyvern Enthusiast
  • Gregory, Wyvern Aficionado
Forest Poachers
  • Sammie, the Trapper
  • Statch, the Stalker
  • Steiner, the Hunter
  • Sturgis, the Falconer
Return of Maldonis
  • Maldonis the Dark
  • Trikk
  • Treet
  • Ghastly Apprentice
  • Spooky Squire
  • Haunted Huntress
  • Revenant Monk
Spectral Assault
  • Green Spectral Knight
  • Red Spectral Knight
  • Purple Spectral Knight
Bastille Master
  • Bastille Master
Molten Citadel
  • The Demon Lord
  • Lava Guardians
Altar of the Athame
  • Altar Assassins
  • Dark Prophets
  • Dark Realm Statues
Dawn of the Blood Moon
  • The Eye of Cthulhu
  • Demon Eyes
  • Zombies
Revenge of the Yetis
  • Frost Goblins
  • Frost Goblin Bombers
  • Frost Orcs
  • Ice Mages
  • Drakin Skeletons
  • Yetis

Dark Awakening

  • Captain Dreadbones