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Prime Incursions is the next phase of the Incursions gamemode for Chaos VIII and beyond. Whereas the incursions in previous Chaos tiers are mostly introductory, Prime Incursions brings them all back (and a couple more) into the higher difficulties with new and unique rewards to be earned.

The general rule being in a Chaos difficulty still applies. Meaning aside from Incursion mechanics, players will still have to deal with the unique enemies of their respective Chaos tier.

Major differences from regular Incursions

Unlike the Incursions layout for the first seven Chaos tiers, Prime Incursions presents the challenges in a very different way.

  • All Incursions are now within a single difficulty, divided into 7 groups. Each group will be harder than the last despite being in the same difficulty.
  • Some Incursions has been modified to be a harder version of their original counterpart in early Chaos. Modifications may include very subtle tweaks to the stage mechanics or adding in more enemies.


Aside from an incursion's respective special weapon, Prime Incursions also provides these new rewards:

1. Prime Weapons (Victory chest loot).

  • These weapons with unique new models drops with Chaos VIII or Chaos IX stats fully upgraded, depending on which difficulty you do. Furthermore, they are also rolled with curated "fan-favorites" shot/swing types and M.O.D.S. Each Prime group would have a pool of 4 different prime weapons. They are not the easiest items to find as their drop chance isn't that common.

2. Rings (Victory chest loot).

  • Heirloom items with unique locked mods that assists a hero's offensive capabilities with stats that are immune to reset when Ancient Power is invoked. Each Prime group features a ring that is guaranteed to drop from a Victory Chest after an incursion is beaten. Only found in Chaos IX.

3. Unique Pets (Victory chest loot).

  • Unique pets that cannot be found anywhere else. Only some Prime Incursions or Group feature them in their victory chest reward pool.

4. Hyper Shards (Gamemode-specific reward).

  • Each Prime Incursion group cleared for the first time would reward a Hyper Shard. And after clearing all seven groups, you'll earn the seventh Hyper Shard as a capstone reward. It doesn't matter if any of the groups are done in either Chaos 8 or 9 difficulty as long the groups are completed for the first time. These hyper shards are identical to the ones earned from Mastery, meaning you'll be able to have two sets of them when you complete both Mastery and Prime Incursions.

Prime I Group



Ancient Vigilance


Liberty Sword


Gilded Baron's Rifle


Kunai Striker

Ring of Wind Icon.png

Ring of Wind

Kobold King Pet Icon.png

Kobold King Pet

Kobold Bling King Pet Icon.png

Kobold Bling King Pet

Hyper Shard Icon 2.png

Destructive Pylon

Chance from Victory Chest. Guaranteed from Victory Chest. Only in C9. Chance from Victory Chest in Kobold Bling King. Prime I group completion.

Griblock's Horde

  • C8 Difficulty Level - Enemy Lvl 7,402 (Floor 40)
  • C9 Difficulty Level - Enemy Lvl 56,853 (Floor 327-328)

All lanes now has an additional "Horde" schedule containing only Berserker Orcs and all flyer lanes will be active again with an enemy schedule that contains only Kobold Fliers.

Chrome Enemies

  • C8 Difficulty Level - Enemy Lvl 8,301 (Floor 45)
  • C9 Difficulty Level - Enemy Lvl 59,825 (Floor 344-345)

Kobold Bling King

  • C8 Difficulty Level - Enemy Lvl 19,302 (Floor 109)
  • C9 Difficulty Level - Enemy Lvl 68,752 (Floor 396-397)

Wave 1 requires 7 gold crystals delivered to the Bling King under 245 seconds. Wave 2-4 requires 12 gold crystals under 230 seconds. And wave 5 requires 15 gold crystals under 280 seconds.

Prime II Group







Bounty Hunter Gobu


Neo Hunt Lord

Ring of Time Icon.png

Ring of Time

Hyper Shard Icon 1.png

Explosive Shielding Guard

Chance from Victory Chest.

Guaranteed from Victory Chest. Only in C9.

Prime II group completion.

The Demon's Lair

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 14,345 (Floor 80)
  • C8 Demon Lord's Health Pool - 300 million HP
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 63,795 (Floor 367-368)
  • C9 Demon Lord's Health Pool - 1.5 billion HP

The amount of Chaos minibosses spawned at the start of a wave has a chance to increase with each passing wave - up to 6 Chaos minibosses can possibly be spawned at once by the third wave. All lanes no longer has mutators.

Wyvern Enthusiast

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 24,261 (Floor 138)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 73,711 (Floor 425)

In wave 5, air lanes will be retaining the same amount of flyers as previous waves instead of dropping to 12 or so enemies. All lanes also no longer contains mutators.

Forest Poachers

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 28,231 (Floor 161)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 77,681 (Floor 448)

Each available poacher wave spawns 3 or 6 or 9 copies of a poacher miniboss in a single file line at a random lane or divided between different lanes. (3 copies would be the usual amount, 6 or 9 copies does not happen often.) The amount of air enemies (particularly Wyverns) has also been increased by a big margin. And all lanes no longer has mutators.

Prime III Group



Molten Embrace


The Dragonist


Steam Saw MkII


Iron Wolf

Ring of Poison Icon.png

Ring of Poison

Hyper Shard Icon 4.png


Chance from Victory Chest.

Guaranteed from Victory Chest. Only in C9.

Prime III group completion.

Power Surge

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 18,311 (Floor 103)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 67,761 (Floor 390-391)

Defenses now takes 25 seconds to disappear after placement.

Malthius Incursion

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 36,166 (Floor 207)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 85,616 (Floor 494)

Prime IV Group



Night's Wish


Avian Elementalist


Rubycore Dagger


Angler Dynamics

Ring of Water Icon.png

Ring of Water

Hyper Shard Icon 3.png

Radiant Critical Power

Chance from Victory Chest.

Guaranteed from Victory Chest. Only in C9.

Prime IV group completion.

Dark Awakening

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 20,295 (Floor 115)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 69,744 (Floor 402)

Return of Maldonis

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 32,198 (Floor 184)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 81,648 (Floor 471)

Bastille Master

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 40,133 (Floor 230)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 89,583 (Floor 517)

Prime V Group



The Bonding Blade


The Conspiracy


Wave Dancer


Dire Maw Bow

Ring of Regen Icon.png

Ring of Regen

Hyper Shard Icon 1.png


Chance from Victory Chest.

Guaranteed from Victory Chest. Only in C9.

Prime V group completion.

Altar of the Athame

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 46,085 (Floor 264)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 95,535 (Floor 551-552)

Spectral Assault

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 52,036 (Floor 299)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 101,486 (Floor 586)

Revenge of the Yeti

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 57,986 (Floor 334)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 107,436 (Floor 620-621)

Prime VI Group



Yves Serenity


Ancient Kris


The Chromatic



Ring of Earth Icon.png

Ring of Earth

Hyper Shard Icon 5.png

Vicious Strikes

Chance from Victory Chest.

Guaranteed from Victory Chest. Only in C9.

Prime VI group completion.

Wyvern's Den

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 47,987 (Floor 275)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 109,419 (Floor 632)

Dawn of the Blood Moon

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 59,969 (Floor 345)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 109,419 (Floor 632)

Prime VII Group


Voodoo Squire Icon.png

Voodoo Squire

Voodoo Monk Icon.png

Voodoo Monk

Voodoo Huntress Icon.png

Voodoo Huntress

Voodoo Apprentice Icon.png

Voodoo Apprentice

Ring of Piercing Icon.png

Ring of Piercing

Hyper Shard Icon 6.png


Chance from Victory Chest.

Guaranteed from Victory Chest. Only in C9.

Prime VII group completion.

Harbinger's Warship

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 47,988 (Floor 275)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 87,558, Harbinger Enemy Lvl 109,420 (Floor 505-506), (Floor 632)

Jester's Revenge

  • C8 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 59,961 (Floor 345)
  • C9 Difficulty - Enemy Lvl 109,411 (Floor 632)