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Wyvern - Tier 1.png

Wyvern - Tier 2.png

Wyvern - Tier 3.png

Enemy Types Ranged, Air
Lane Type Air Spawn Symbol.png Air
Appearances All game modes
Schedule Icon Wyvern Icon.png


The Wyvern is a ranged flying enemy type that spits fireballs. They will mostly ignore defenses flying over them but will sometimes fly down to attack them. Once over its target it will spit fireballs at it hovering a short distance off the ground. There are three sizes of Wyvern:

  • Small - Blue and green and very thin in appearance, these ones can be distracted the easiest by blockades or towers.
  • Medium - Pink and large in appearance with spiked tails, for the most part these one ignore defenses, but any that are very close can still get their attention.
  • Large - Red with a large horn on their head while being on fire in appearance, these ones tend to ignore all defenses and are the most dangerous of the three.


Placing Anti-Air types of defenses or any defense that has a blue targeting line that shows in the air can target and damage these enemies. Examples of defenses that can hit them are Monk's Skyguard Tower being an Anti-Air defense or things like Squire's Cannons or Huntress' Poison Dart Towers having a line that extends into the air. Some defenses like the Monk's Flame Aura can also hit them since they have a Sphere Area of Effect.