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Instead of releasing mushrooms that damage heroes, cursi-kaze causes [[Kobolds]] to curse nearby defenses. Cursed defenses have their attack damage and range reduced. Cursi-kaze can affect any defense, including traps, auras, and nodes. Therefore, long-range towers are the best way to deal with them.
Cursi-kaze is capable of stacking, should multiple kobolds be defeated at the same time. This can result in nonexistent damage and rangeon your defenses, effectively rendering your defenses them useless. Be careful! === Controlled Burn ===This is arguably the scariest lane mutator in Onslaught, as enemies are completely invincible if they don't have status effect. Any status effect works, so crowd control builds won't suffer from this mutator. If you want to be able to damage these enemies with your hero, [[Shards|Drenching Strikes]] will allow you to damage them (this also sets up the [[Electrocute]] combo should enemies take storm damage afterwards). [[Shards|Burning Strikes]] also works effectively, but it doesn't activate as often as drenching strikes does. If you do not have a decent crowd control build, consider using [[Poison Dart Tower|Poison Dart Towers.]] [[Geyser Trap|Geyser Traps]] applies [[Drenched|drench]] to enemies, which not only allows them to take damage, but it also slows them. However, geyser traps have one of the smallest ranges in the game and a very long recharge, so it is not a reliable way to deal with controlled burn. [[Frostbite Tower|Frostbite Towers]] will chill enemies, which also counts as a status effect. However, frostbite towers alone cannot deal damage, so be sure to pair it with another defense while the frostbite if focused on a group of enemies!
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