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Onslaught is one of the gamemodes in Dungeon Defenders 2, which features stronger enemies as you progress.
Onslaught is available as soon as you complete the Campaign. You'll start on floor 1, begining your journey to floor 999!


Onslaught has many special features that aren't present in other gamemodes. Here is a list of the special features:

  • The further you progress through floors in Onslaught, the higher level enemies will become.
The enemy level scaling of onslaught is rather low at 172.5 levels per floor (floor 36-945).
After completing floor 945 the scaling starts to go up exponentially at 402,500 levels per floor (floor 946-999).
Shortly into the exponential scaling, all enemies' health gradually reaches the 32bit Interger limit and decides to cap at a flat 2 billion HP.

  • Every lane has special conditions as to which monsters can spawn from it. The name of the lane will also change as well to indicate what will spawn there.
Lanes will have set prefixes, suffixes, or names that will appear on a lane and determine what spawns from it. e.g. Cy = cyborks, Frost = Frost Enemies.
Main Article: Onslaught Lane Schedules

Lane mutators can be viewed by holding shift and will appear below the list of enemies. The further you go in Onslaught, the more mutators that will appear in each game.
Each lane is limited to 2 mutators at a time, double mutators start at floor 22. Re-rolling an onslaught floor will re-roll the mutators, lanes and map.
Main Article: Mutators

  • Each floor has a map pool (listed below) and a forced map, The Lost Temple that every player needs to do when pushing their onslaught floors. Temple will occur every 10 floors starting from 34 and has unique mechanics to overcome.
Main Article: The Lost Temple

Chaos Level

Each floor has a difficulty associated with it that determines what chaos enemies can spawn, as well as what kinds of rewards can drop in terms of equipment, shards, crafting materials, and mods.
Note: Completing an expedition will automatically set your floor to the minimum floor in it's range. This does not apply to Chaos 10 expeditions.
In order to access a specific chaos tier to skip some Onslaught floors through expeditions, a minimum champion score must be met.

Chaos Level Floor Equivalent Floor Unlock Champion Score
Campaign 1~2 1 0
Chaos 1 3~4 3 335
Chaos 2 5~8 5 580
Chaos 3 9~11 9 1,050
Chaos 4 12~16 12 1,740
Chaos 5 17~21 17 2,750
Chaos 6 22~27 22 3,800
Chaos 7 28~98 28 5,300
Chaos 8 99~299 99 7,850
Chaos 9 300~699 300 9,850
Chaos 10 700~999 N/A 12,750

Map Pools

Onslaught has a map pool system per floor. Each floor's pool can be identified with the last digit of the floor number.
e.g. floor 105 will be one of the maps in it's category below.
The last digit rule applies floor 33+, groups stay the same always but before then the last digit rule doesn't work.

Onslaught Map Reroll List
Ones, Twos, Sixes, Sevens Threes, Eights, Nines Zeros and Fives Fours
Forgotten Ruins Crumbled Bulwark The Gates of Dragonfall The Lost Temple
Greystone Plaza Forest Biome The Ramparts
Siphon Site D Dragonfall Sewers Dragonfall Bazaar
The Throne Room Buried Bastille Liferoot Forest
Assault on Throne Room Plunderer's Paradise Forest Crossroads
The Dead Road Nimbus Reach Molten Citadel
Wild Westival The Jacked Sparrow Unholy Catacombs
Embermount Volcano Drakenfrost Resort Ramparts Siege
Tornado Highlands Temple of the Necrotic Coral Reef Town
Tornado Canyon Little-Horn Valley
Lava Caverns The Wildest West
Crystal Mine Drakenfrost Keep
Malakai's Manor
Malakai's Sewer