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| [[File:Cannonball.jpg|link=]]|| [[Cannonball_Tower|Cannonball Tower]]: Fires a massive cannonball that deals Crushing Physical Damage to one enemy.
| [[File:Blockade.jpg|link+=]] || [[Spike_Blockade|Spike Blockade]]: Blocks enemies attacks, dealing Physical Damage, when stuck by melee enemies. Draws extra attention from enemies.
| [[File:Ballista.jpg|link=]] || [[Ballista]]: Fires a piercing projectile that deals Physical Damage in a line. Deals less damage to each enemy hit after the first.
== Abilities ==
{| class="wikitable" width=100%|-! Defense !! Description|-| [[File:Beam.jpg|link=]]|| [[Sword_Beam|Sword Beam]]: The Squire unleashes a piercing beam that deals Magical Damage. Deals less damage to each enemy hit after the first.|-| [[File:Provoke.jpg|link=]] || [[Provoke]]: The Squire Taunts nearby Enemies, drawing their attention. During the taunt, he boosts his Hero Damage and speed while reducing his damage taken.|-| [[File:Slam.jpg|link=]] || [[Seismic_Slam|Seismic Slam]]: The Squire slams his Shield into the ground, dealing Crushing Magical Earth Damage and Stunning enemies.|-| [[File:Heal.jpg|link=]] || [[Heal_Self|Heal Self]]: The hero channels healing energy, regenerating a portion of their Health each second. The channel is broken if the hero moves or takes damage.                        |}

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