Dungeon Defenders II is set in the fictional world of Etheria, specifically within the Kingdom of Dragonfall. Starting from The Private Tavern or in The Heroes Marketplace - the outdoor HUB, players will be able to head into various locations broken down into playable maps to explore and defend by accessing the Wartable.


What does a map contain

Each map is an instance laid out like an arena containing lanes leading to objectives which will be required to defend.

  • Lanes
This is how most enemies travels within a map. Each lane starts from an enemy spawner and ends where an objective is. While most lanes are separated to a singular path, some lanes will converge creating a chokepoint. There are two types of enemy lanes - a ground lane for most regular enemies and a flyer lane for flying-type enemies.
  • Objectives
Objectives are the main thing to defend in every map of Dungeon Defenders 2. Each core has a specific amount of health, so they can be damaged by enemies. There are two types of objectives - the main core (game over when destroyed) and a sub-objective (opening new lanes or disabling environmental traps when destroyed). Maps can either contain only main cores or both types of objectives.
  • Environmental Traps