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Bane's Blacksmith/Weapon Shop[edit]


Bane is a vendor in the tavern that sells Weapons and Armor for all Heroes.

Gran Master's Skills Shop[edit]


Gran Master is a vendor in the tavern that sells Skill Spheres that are available to all Heroes.

Griffin's Relic Shop[edit]


Griffin is a vendor in the tavern that sells Relics. He sells Relics that are available to all Heroes.

Knight Commander[edit]

Knight Commander

The Knight Commander will inform you of newly unlocked Campaign maps and any Campaign-related quests you may have.

Lily's Upgrade Shop[edit]


Lily is a wizard in the tavern that upgrade items thanks to other items and gold.

Petrinarian and Stable Boy's Pets Shop[edit]

Stable Boy

Interacting with the Petrinarian will open the Petrinarian window, allowing you to view, equip, feed, power up, and evolve your pets.
The Stable Boy will open the Hatchery window when interacted with, which can be used to hatch any eggs you may have.
Both windows can always be accessed, whomever of the two you may decide to interact with.



When your inventory has completely filled up, the Scavenger may collect any further items you collect.
These items will remain in the Scavenger's inventory for a limited amount of time until he gets rid of them.
The Scavenger can be found near the Tavern's Defenders Forge.

Seamstress's Costume Shop[edit]


Purchase and equip costumes here.



During the Alpha stage, the Tavernkeeper may be interacted with to report any bugs you find.
The Tavernkeeper may also inform you of your current Quest and new activities whilst you progress.


Treasure Pirate

You can spend your Defender Medals here.
Currently, the Treasure Pirate only sells Skill Spheres, Lockbox keys, and Betsy Dragon Eggs.

War Table[edit]

War Table

Select your maps and difficulty here.