Drakenfrost Keep

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Minimap Drakenfrost Keep.png

Drakenfrost Keep

Main Cores: 3
Sub Cores: 0
Ground Lanes: 8
Air Lanes: 2
Defense Units: 1,300
Region: Drakenfrost

An ancient keep that has stood against countless assaults and battles. What cold secret lies within?


Drakenfrost Keep Brazier.png


  • This map is the final mission in the Sacrificial Warden adventure.


This flair is obtainable by completing the secret within the Drakenfrost Keep adventure. Endless Winter's Crown. Endless Winter Crown Icon.jpg

  • To activate a lever, attack it, easiest with a ranged Hero. After activating all the levers in the correct order, you must light all of the Braziers on the map, there are a total of 13 to light.
  • After lighting all of the Braziers, go through the open gate at the bottom right of the minimap, there will be a Brazier and a large door once inside, light that final Brazier if you haven't already, then the door will open, revealing the secret room containing the flair. Then simply walk up to it and press your Activate button. E on Keyboard, or RStick on Controller.

Drakenfrost Keep Secret Levers.png

Drakenfrost Keep Gate Secret Room.png


DFK Frost Dragon.png
DFK Frost Dragon Landing Spots & Coverages.png

In Expeditions, players will start encountering the Drakenlord's Frost Dragon, the map's unique mechanic. It periodically flies around the map blasting its icy breath which will cover a section (out of 4) of the map with snow. Any defenses within that section will be completely frozen. In order to remove this effect you must reignite the Braziers. Alternatively, defenses with 100% tenacity are immune to being frozen. You can get 100% tenacity on a defense 2 ways: The Automation hyper shard, or a Tenacity servo at chaos 8, 10/10 mod level.

The frequency of the Frost Dragon arriving to blast its icy breath increases with each wave;

  • Wave 1 - Every 50 seconds.
  • Wave 2 - Every 45 seconds.
  • Wave 3 - Every 30 seconds.
  • Wave 4 - Every 25 seconds.
  • Wave 5 - Every 15 seconds.

The Frost Dragon does not attack during the 6th wave.


Completing Drakenfrost Keep within expedition will yield these unique rewards:

Materials Weapons and Mods
Plain Token.png

Plain Tokens

(Acquired in Chaos I - III)

Shiny Token.png

Shiny Tokens

(Acquired in Chaos IV - VI)

Pristine Token.png

Pristine Token

(Acquired in Chaos VII - IX)

Exquisite Token.png

Exquisite Tokens

(Acquired in Chaos X)

Week 1

Contains Torch Bearer Mod :

+38,590 - 463,630 Fire damage to enemies in an area around the player.

Week 2

Contains Frozen Path Mod :

Projectile attacks that hit the ground leave up to three projectiles of frost that reduce enemy movement speed by 10.59% - 75.01%. Each patch lasts 5 seconds.

Week 3

Contains Frostfire Remnants Mod :

Slain enemies explode for around 3,604 - 200,000 dmg as Frost and Fire damage, and leave behind a trail of Frostfire on the ground that deals 540.54 - 30,000 dmg per tick for 5 seconds. Explosion damage scales with enemy type.

Week 4

Contains Drakenlord's Soul Mod :

Gain the aura of the Drakenlord. Aura slows enemies around you by 30%. If the enemies stay within the aura for 5 seconds, they will become frozen and take 790 - 45,030 Earth Damage after an additional 5 seconds.