Victory Chests

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Victory Chests.

These chests appear after you have defeated all five waves in a map and reward you with bonus loot.

A Powerful (green) chest
An Epic (blue) chest
A Mythical (purple) chest
A Legendary (gold) chest

There are four different rarities of chests: Powerful (Green), Epic (Blue), Mythical (Purple), and Legendary (Orange). Each chest contains one or two pieces of loot associated with its rarity, 2-5 items of a lower tier and large amounts of gold (Scaling per chest, ie. A Legendary chest will give more gold than a Powerful chest). The items you get from victory chests stay within the level range you currently in, for example: beating The Gates of Dragonfall while within the 1-3 level range will give you an item that is level 1-3. As you go up in loot tiers the chest gets bigger and more detailed.  


-Powerful Chest (Green)

- Does contain a random green item. Having a powerful item in each slot will get you the title "The Powerful."

-Epic Chest (Blue)

- Does contain a random blue item.

-Mythical Chest (Purple)

- Does contain a random purple item.

-Legendary Chest (Orange)

- Does contain a random Orange item.